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Siddha Marma Points Massage Course

Siddha Marma

6th Nov. – 23rd Nov. 2017
5th Feb. – 22nd Feb. 2018

4 Weeks Ayurveda Massage Course

Ayurveda Course

4th Oct. – 1st Nov. 2017
4th Jan. – 31st Jan. 2018
19th Mar. – 15th Apr. 2018

Indian Head Massage Course


27th Nov. – 30th Nov. 2017
13th Feb. – 16th Feb. 2018

Aithein Healing Massage Course


26th Feb. – 15th Mar. 2018

Thai Massage Course

Thai Massage

5th Dec. – 21st Dec. 2017

Chavutti Thirumal (Rope Massage Course)


27th Nov. – 1st Dec. 2017

Nadiprana Yoga Retreat


23rd Dec. – 30th Dec. 2017

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Aithein People

Gagori Mitra

As the co-founder of Aithein, Gagori is a highly experienced and practiced Bodywork expert. For her, the connection of the body, its senses, mind and soul is a way of life. She imparts her knowledge and philosophy with a deep understanding and through her personal experience over the years.

Gagori’s first introduction to massage was when she was six. In order to break the habit of bedwetting, her father referred to a Chinese book, which described various pressure points of the body. Over the next two months, he applied the practices taught in the book and the problem ceased within two months. When she grew older, she would massage her father’s feet and shoulders. Although Gagori did it out of fun, her father realized her ability to heal people through her hands. It was the same with her mother and sister, who suffered from severe headaches. She would easily cure them by pressing a few points on their forehead for 10-15 minutes

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Outside view of accommodation at Aithein, Agonda Beach, Goa, India

The Aithein Institute is set up next to the beach, and is only a few hundred feet away from the sea. We provide a safe and secure accommodation facility for our students travelling from abroad. Our current accommodation has four rooms with double beds and attached bathroom (including western WC and all basic amenities). We also have hotel and guesthouse tie-ups around our institute and we can book accommodation on your behalf.


Do I need a visa?

Yes, most passport holders need a visa for India . You can generally get a 6- month tourist visa which you must organise before travelling. Consult your local Indian embassy. Most embassies have an online application form you can download off the internet. Your visa will start from the date it is issued not from the date of your travel. Applying in good time is advisable!

Can I pay in Pounds or Euros?

At Aithein we accept Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds or Indian Rupees (INR). But you need Indian rupees for eating out, buses, rickshaws and buying small local items.

Are there ATM Machines?

Yes, there is one ATM at Agonda Beach and also nearby Chaudi (20 mins by motorbike or tuk tuk) you can find three different ATM machines. They accept most international cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, etc. The maximum you can take out per day is 20’000 Indian rupees.

Is it dangerous to travel to Goa alone as a woman?

Not at all. India is a safe country for Westerners and poses no problem for women travelling on their own. Especially Goa is very used to tourism and one of the only places in India where a woman can get away with wearing a short skirt or shorts, without being stared at.

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Contact Info
Aithein Ayurveda Massage School,
Opp. Agonda Cottages,
Agonda Beach,
Goa, India
Email: info@aitheinhealing.com
Web: www.aitheinhealing.com


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