Foot Reflexology with Gagori Mitra in Goa, India
Foot Reflexology Course India (Goa)
Course Date:

15th Dec. 2014 – 19th Dec. 2014

Course Fees:

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(6:30 pm – 8:00 pm)


Aithein, Agonda Beach, Goa, India


Gagori Mitra

About the Course:

Foot Reflexology Course India:-

Foot reflexology, a form of alternative medicine, has been known to originate from South Asia and Egypt. The theory of foot reflexology comes from the fact that the primitive man was used to walking barefoot daily and could easily stimulate their feet with it. However, with the present sedentary lifestyle, we seem to be missing out on the benefits of applying pressure on our feet. Therefore, foot reflexology can be applied to the body through this massage.

While learning the foot reflexology course, students will understand how applying pressure on specific points can help alleviate the pain and provide relaxing benefits on the body. They will also gather the right training and information about its various benefits on the human body, and how to effectively provide the massage to assist the client in attaining a sense of complete peace and well-being.

Course Details

Aithein provides a full time course for Foot Reflexology massage, a 5-day training period for the students. Through theoretical and practical lessons, students will understand how they can effectively use their hand in reflexology while applying pressure to specific reflex areas of the feet. We teach students how different stress points can be massaged in order to bring balance and alleviate stress in the body.

The course contains the following:

  1. Detailed history of reflexology and its origins
  2. The anatomy and physiology of different reflex zones in the human body
  3. Meaning and Theory of reflexology
  4. Advantages of conducting a reflexology massage
  5. Conditions or factors under which reflexology should not be performed on the patient
  6. Feet Mapping and dividing the zones
  7. Practical instructions on the foot with guidelines
  8. The Reflexology Chart
  9. Reflex points and acupressure points on the feet
  10. Correct techniques and movements on applying pressure
  11. Practicing basic reflexology on peers
  12. Step-by-step work on foot reflexology
  13. Effects of the massage on different organs of the body

Why study at Aithein ?

Aithein Healing:- Foot Reflexology Course India (Goa)Reflexology points are one of the oldest forms of healing practices known to man. The art of touch and specific reflex points are taught to our students, which they can gain expertise on through hand-on training. They can also learn about the mind-body medicine, relaxation techniques, anatomy, foot mapping, reflex mechanism, stress management and much more.

Students can provide value added services to their clients. Foot reflexology provides a great addition to the service offering for any therapist and bodywork expert. We help them by locating high trigger points on the foot and the correct methodology to help heal their clients.

Daily Schedule

Your day at Aithein will be spent like this:
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm – Therapy Practical & Theory

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