In the following post, I share my student’s and my own experience of an impromptu 2–weeks Ayurveda Massage course in Pune, India. While we usually schedule massage courses during the non-monsoon season between October and April for Goa, we decided to go ahead and conduct an Ayurveda course in Pune.

However, before I go into the details, I would like to mention our upcoming course and workshop dates in GOA, India during October 2013 – April 2014. Have a look…

Upcoming Course dates in GOA, India:-

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2-weeks Ayurveda Massage Course in Pune, India

Over the years, through Aithein, I have been able to help shape the lives of many students and practitioners by introducing them to the power of healing. It was, therefore, no surprise, when we got an inquiry from Michel a couple of weeks back, asking if I could teach him the Ayurveda massage course.

With the arrival of rain and weather conditions during June-September every year, our beautiful location of Agonda Beach in Goa is not the most suitable venue for conducting courses. Since we had not scheduled anything until late October, I decided to arrange a 2-week Ayurveda course in Pune, Maharashtra. As it turned out, there were two more students looking to learn and willing to join us.

The Training in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a gift of ancient India. It believes in the power of balance. For the same purpose, Ayurveda massage utilizes nature’s gift of herbal oils and products to provide the right remedy and care.

Ayurveda Massage Course India - Preparing bolus bags

All the three students were just starting out on the path of self-awareness and looking to utilize their learning of Ayurveda massage in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

I gave Ayurveda training sessions to them and they quickly grasped the concept of Ayurvedic massage treatment and practised for hours to understand the technique and the distinct flow of ayurvedic massage movement. Every day they would tell me how the learning of Ayurveda is making them more conscious of what they are eating, what they are doing and were looking to bring consistent changes for the better.

After two weeks of Ayurveda massage training and practising, I was really happy when they excelled in their theory and practical exams. But more than that, I was elated that they were looking to bring positive change in their own lives. After all, only a positive healer can become an effective healer.

Our Students’ Speak

Michel, who originally approached us, was looking to broaden his knowledge and scope of Ayurveda. ‘I truly appreciate Ayurveda Massage Course India - Gagori with Lucialearning the different types of massage. I had not realized that that the Ayurveda had massages that take care of almost every ailment of the body.’

Lucia from Slovakia came to India to learn Ayurveda and help others with her knowledge. ‘I absolutely loved Gagori’s sessions and her patience in making us understand each and every thing related to Ayurveda. Her teaching method, examples and practical sessions were well planned and taught. I’m really glad I came at Aithein rather than going to any other school of the training.’

Elsa from Peru, loves to cook and take care of people around her. ‘I was looking for a change and Ayurveda has given me tools that I can integrate into my life and be able to help people in a more effective manner.’


Ayurveda Massage Course India - Michel, Elsa


Ayurveda Massage Course India - Gagori with Lucia & Michel

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Gagori Mitra