This is a healing massage which is based on intuition, which has long gliding strokes, where you learn to listen to your hands. You learn to listen what the body is saying. It is a deep communicative touch and intuition based, what you will learn during this massage course

What are you going to learn in the Aithein Healing Massage Course?
Tai chi – We start our day with learning Tai Chi, which is a very beautiful practice. It is a form of martial arts which helps us to balance our body. Tai Chi believes in Yin and Yang. As our body is divided in left and right, Yin is the left side and yang is the right side of the body, where we learn to balance our Yin and Yang energies, which is the display of the Universe. This massage demands Tai Chi, so that we can maintain:

  • A good posture
  • A good breathing and
  • We learn to use our body weight

So that you have energy left to do a long massage.

You learn not to use only our hands, but you learn to use our entire body and especially your legs to transfer energy.

When you learn and practice the whole sequence, it looks like a well choreographed dance.

Anatomy – you will go back to school with color pencils to color the anatomy coloring book. You will learn few muscles everyday depending on the part of the body you are going to work on that particular day. As it helps you to visualize where the muscles are, where these muscles begin and where each muscle ends. In which muscle there is pain and how to release the pain by relaxing the muscle and by releasing the muscle attachment. It is very important to learn some anatomy; you do not learn everything in 3 weeks. You will learn few detailed one we use during the course.

Body Psychology – psychology is a big subject. But body psychology states about “our body is nothing but the extension of our own mind”. It does not separate the body and the mind, whatever emotions that pass through our body, affects our body. Our bodies tell us stories. We learn about body psychology where our emotions are stored,

  • The way we behave,
  • The way we react,
  • The way we walk
  • What you think, and
  • What you eat our body shapes in that way.

The emotion that pass through our body, affects our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments. Actually it affects every cell of our body. In Body Psychology you will learn Somatics, Neuromuscular stress, thixotrophy action, body armor and how psychologically and emotionally it affects our body and mind.

Body reading – you will learn about body reading. Important thing is that it is a non-judgmental approach. During the course, the participants are reading each other’s body to see how our bodies tell us stories. It is very interesting because each of our bodies tells different stories. When we read the other person’s body we are able to decide, which parts we will need to work more, to bring the muscle back to its own position, so that the muscle relaxes and become balanced.

Aithein Healing Massage itself – it has been a long journey and experience and research work for many years, to share this knowledge. First it has worked on me; it has changed my body, my mind. I also worked with many clients. One of my clients had knee surgery and she could not bend her knee and it was painful for her to work. According to body psychology, any problem with knee is ‘Fear of change’. Working with her for 6-8 sessions, this was in 2003. Slowly her pain reduced and she could bend her knee, squat and moved about freely. Even though the doctor had said that she will not be able to bend her knee because of the surgery. But it was a miracle for her.

This is one of the stories of this massage and I wanted to let you know it is such a powerful massage. This one such story of Aithein Healing Massage can do and there are many such stories. Sharing this knowledge for many years has been a wonderful journey.