Aithein History

The word ‘Aithein’ is said to have Greek origins. It means to rekindle or to burn again. To bring a deeper and more philosophical rendition, it implies ‘to make someone young again’. That is why at Aithein, we empower our students to ‘rekindle the power within’ so that they can heal others.

When the ancient Greeks used the term, it was not for a temporary phase, but a deeper, ingrained and enduring part that can linger with you for the rest of your life. We train our students to bring vitality in people’s lives by helping them form a symbiotic relationship between their body, senses, mind and soul.

Aithein was initiated by Gagori Mitra and her husband Nikhil Gupta, in order to create and sustain a wholesome, balanced life. With their foundation in software and management, they wanted to become a part of something more profound, more meaningful, and Aithein was the answer. Through the organization and institute, they hope to create an environment of safety and tranquillity for people to begin their process of healing and ultimately, go out in the world to heal others as well.

The Organization

We established Aithein in 2005, with a very simple objective – To Heal and Transform People’s Lives. We do this by empowering individuals to become healers, by imparting rigorous theoretical and practical training across all four aspects of the human body.

Our confidence in healing people comes from years of extensive research, education and a deep insight into people’s lives. Our courses infuse art and science that brings vitality and positive energy into the body. Over the years, we have received tremendous responses from clients, students, massage therapists, doctors, healers and Yoga enthusiasts.

This is an endeavour to pass on our learning, techniques and expertise to those desirous of enriching their own lives and the lives of those around them.


A radical change or alteration, whether in appearance, nature or character. There are very few, sometimes rare moments in our adult lives that can be labelled “transforming”. Our focus is to not only bring peace and serenity to the healing process but also bringing about a positive and permanent transformation in everyone’s lives.