Ayurveda Courses in Kerala / Ayurveda Courses in Goa

The chance to take ayurveda courses in Kerala is a welcome option for many people. They may be especially interested in learning about using massage therapy for healing, for instance, and might consider courses in Ayurvedic massage. During the weeks of instruction and hands-on practice, a student learns about the relationship between lifestyle and health, the use of essential oils and herbal remedies, different massage techniques and how to provide the most effective therapy. A particularly intriguing option is a course combining a study of yoga and Ayurveda massage. Utilizing the combination for therapy can be highly beneficial for reducing stress, releasing toxins and healing disease.

An individual can find ayurveda courses at Aithein Healing lasting two or four weeks. Some courses are held for four hours per day and others have more of a full-day schedule. Classes typically start in the morning, but it is possible to enroll in evening classes. A person might be interested in these programs if she wants to add Ayurvedic therapies to her existing massage practice or if she is just starting to learn about Ayurveda. Some students learn these massage techniques for helping friends and family, while not planning to become a professional massage therapist.

Ayurveda Courses in Kerala

At Aithein Healing, additional workshop options are offered on the schedule from time to time. An individual may be interested in learning how to perform lymphatic massage, for example. Foot reflexology and rope massage are other programs a student can enroll in. As she continues to learn and practice different therapies, she is able to offer a broad range of healing modalities to people. She also learns a great deal of important knowledge about healing that she can apply to her own times of recovery from illness, injury and chronic disorders.

Ayurveda Courses in Kerala / Ayurveda Courses in Goa

Taking ayurveda courses in Kerala can also be done on a retreat basis. This offers a chance for the student to truly immerse herself in the learning experience. A retreat may last up to three months and provides the opportunity for a profound journey and adventure. The individual may feel transformed after her time spent at the retreat and ready to face the world with new energy and serenity.