Last Updated: 12-Aug-2019

Ayurveda School India

Aithein comes from a Greek word meaning “to rekindle or burn”, and at the Aithein Healing Ayurveda School in India, the students learn how to bring a renewed sense of spirit to their massage clients. There are several different courses available at the Ayurveda School that will give the students an advantage over other massage professionals. The benefit of learning in the peaceful, traditional environment of India is an added bonus that allows complete focus during studies.

Here are some of the reasons to study at the Best Ayurveda School in India:

  • The ayurveda school provides the most professional courses in the industry.

  • It also offers the most specialized courses in India.

  • One on one sessions with the instructors lead to better learning situations

  • Class size is small, so each student learns more detailed information.

  • The setting of the ayurveda school is very peaceful.

  • The ayurveda school encourages sharing amonst students. This is important for learning the relaxing and healing elements of ayurveda massage therapy and it helps teach students how to have a peaceful environment later for their clients.

The people at Aithein Healing have many years of valuable experience to offer to the students that they could not get anywhere else. The founders of the School developed the program themselves and are well versed in the practices of Ayurveda and healing massage therapies. The ayurveda school itself is recognized by the government of India and is accredited. Students who graduate from the school will receive a certificate from the government of India.

One of the best things that the Ayurveda School in India has to offer is the broad range of courses. The four week Ayurveda training course is very intensive and covers a broad range of topics including the client’s lifestyle and health, how to diagnose the dosha of the client, and how to treat them using Ayurveda techniques based on the symptoms presented. The students will learn how to use herbal oil and natural products to treat their clients and give the best massages available. The courses at the Ayurveda School are prepared by top qualified professionals in the field of natural healing.

Facts about Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that true medicine comes from the earth and not from a lab.

Ayurveda teaches about the power and the cycles of nature.