9 Oct, 2017

Aithein Healing Massage Course

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This is a healing massage which is based on intuition, which has long gliding strokes, where you learn to listen to your hands. You learn to listen what the body is saying. It is a deep communicative touch and intuition based, what you will learn during this massage course What [...]

6 Jul, 2017

Grinding Teeth

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23 Jun, 2017

Indian Head Massage – Shiroabhyanga

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Indian head massage commonly known as Shiroabhyanga. Shiro meaning head Abhyanga meaning massage It is also known as Champi. It is derived from the word shampoo. It is one of the non-invasive therapies and yet it works on the main energy centers – the crown, the throat and third eye, [...]

17 Jun, 2017

Marma Points – An Introduction

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MARMA POINTS - INTRODUCTION Marma point is an ancient Indian art of healing and is more than 5000 years old. This is a branch of science which has reference in Vedas, Yoga scriptures, Indian astrology (jyotisa), Study of weapons (Astra Sastra), Siddha medicine, martial arts and Buddhist text. What is [...]

8 Jun, 2017

Chavutti Thirumal – Indian Sports Massage

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Chavutti Thirumal means ‘pressure by foot’. It is a unique therapy where the therapist holds on to the rope and balances himself or herself on one foot and massages or gives the therapy using the other foot. The foot can give very deep pressure and feels like deep tissue massage, [...]

2 Jun, 2017

Marma Points – Sharing my healing experience on a specific point ‘Guda Marma Point’

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Marma points are one of the rare therapies. People are curious what these points can do. I was also curious when I came to know about this unique therapy. Some people have an idea what it is, some think it is acupressure and some say it is full body reflexology. [...]

23 May, 2017

Lubricate the 9 openings in your body

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Last Updated: 17thAug. 2019 There are 9 openings in human body. They are the doors to our inner body. These 9 openings are: Two  Eyes Two Ears Two Nostrils One Mouth One Anus One Vagina or penis In Sanskrit these 9 openings are called 'nava dwara'. 'Nava' meaning 9 [...]

15 May, 2017

Janu Vasti – Ayurvedic treatment for the knee

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Janu meaning Knee Vasti meaning that which holds the oil Janu Vasti is a local treatment for the knee. Local meaning the treatment focuses completely on the knee. The treatment is usually done for 30 to 40 minutes depending if you are doing the treatment for prevention or for an [...]

8 May, 2017

Buddha Purnima – Full Moon

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The full moon that will be coming this May is known as Buddha Purnima or Buddha full moon. It is believed that Buddha was born on this day, he got enlightened or attained Nirvana and also he gave his first teaching. These are the important events that took place on [...]

4 May, 2017

What is Clutching Feet Syndrome? And how to recover from it?

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The Clutching Feet Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder whose development in time is the result of untreated and unintegrated emotional and mental trauma. "Psychosomatic" refers to both body and mind, and concerns physical symptoms that are caused by emotional or psychological turbulence. "Psyche" means mind and "soma" means body. Because [...]