4 May, 2017

What is Clutching Feet Syndrome? And how to recover from it?

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The Clutching Feet Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder whose development in time is the result of untreated and unintegrated emotional and mental trauma. "Psychosomatic" refers to both body and mind, and concerns physical symptoms that are caused by emotional or psychological turbulence. "Psyche" means mind and "soma" means body. Because [...]

8 Dec, 2016

Shirodhara – Healing for the mind

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Shiro in Sanskrit means Head and Dhara means continuous flow or pouring of liquid. Shirodhara is an amazing therapy for the mind created by the masters 5000 years ago. The mesmerizing part of this treatment is that dripping liquid like a thread on the forehead while making internal changes and [...]

2 Dec, 2016

Diet during Menstruation

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Last Updated: 23rd Sep. 2018 Diet during Menstruation In Ancient India, menstruations were considered very sacred. Women rested during these 3 to 5 days; they didn't cook, they didn't go out, they just relaxed and rested, as the body during menstruation goes through a lot. But in modern civilizations, many [...]

21 Nov, 2016

Aim of Ayurveda – not suppressing natural urges

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According to Ayurveda, protecting the body is essential. If you do not take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? If you are healthy, you can give support to whoever needs it. Ayurveda talks about not controlling the natural urges, things such as: • Burping or belching [...]

7 Nov, 2016

Energy Suckers or Leeches during massage therapy

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Energy suckers or leeches are kind of folks who survive on other people’s energy. They can be found everywhere and in every walk of life. However, we cannot label these people as ‘bad’. The only problem for them and their surroundings is that they suffer from this defect that they [...]

31 Oct, 2016

Thai massage and its spiritual aspect

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Thai massage is a form of therapy created 3000 years ago, by the Indian Doctor Shivago. The doctor lived in India and followed the Buddhist tradition. He is believed to have been a great physician who, at some point, treated Buddha himself for his stomach disease. Traditional Thai massage, also [...]

28 Oct, 2016

The body is extension of our mind – part 1

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Our belief systems affect the way we see and feel ourselves and the world as a whole. Every thought that crosses our minds raises or decreases our vibration and overall state of health. The imbalance of each body part corresponds to a specific set of ideas that we have about [...]

17 Oct, 2016

Drinking ghee (clarified butter) on an empty stomach

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Last Updated: 30thOct. 2019 DRINKING GHEE (clarified butter) ON AN EMPTY STOMACH Drinking ghee – clarified butter, first thing in the morning helps to lubricate your joints. Your hair becomes soft and silkier, and your skin feels smoother.   According to the Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee lubricates every tissue and every [...]