15 Jul, 2013

2-weeks Ayurveda Massage Course in Pune, India

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In the following post, I share my student’s and my own experience of an impromptu 2–weeks Ayurveda Massage course in Pune, India. While we usually schedule massage courses during the non-monsoon season between October and April for Goa, we decided to go ahead and conduct an Ayurveda course in Pune. [...]

8 Jun, 2013

Some of the Realities of Entering the Bodywork Profession

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In the following, we will have an experienced free-lance bodyworker/massage therapist and massage teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area in the US share his views on entering the profession as a bodyworker or massage therapist. Although market conditions and outer circumstances in India differ greatly from the conditions Art [...]

8 Jun, 2013

Safe Spa: Before Giving Spa Treatments

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No doubt, visiting a spa has become popular in India. But if spas want to remain popular they will have to sharpen their profile. In the future not only will they need to appear as champions of tasteful interior design and superficial pampering. They will also need to become centers [...]

8 Jun, 2013

Words from a T’ai Chi Instructor

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  Here are the upcoming Course dates:- 21st Oct. 2013 - 1st Nov. 2013 – Ayurveda Yoga Massage Course (Goa, India) 11th Nov. 2013 - 6th Dec. 2013 – 4 weeks Ayurveda Course (Goa, India) 18th Nov. 2013 - 29th Nov. 2013 – Chavutti Thirumal (Rope Massage Course, Goa, India) [...]

8 Jun, 2013

Lymphatic Massage

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Lymphatic Massage is less known and less in the limelight as other bodywork techniques, but no less effective – especially when it comes to treating some specific medical or psychological conditions.  The following is an excerpt from Mirka Knaster’s book Discovering the Body’s Wisdom, which gives a great overview of [...]