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The Benefits Of Taking An Ayurveda Massage Course In Kerala

If you have always enjoyed getting a massage, you may want to learn more about how this is done. There are many different techniques used, but Ayurveda massage is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of massage offered today. You may want to take an Ayurveda Massage Course [...]

Ayurveda Courses In Kerala

Last Updated: 23rd Sep. 2018 Kerala Ayurveda Academy Kerala Ayurveda Academy Ayurveda Courses in Kerala Aithein is a unique Ayurveda Academy which provides professional education in Kerala based Ayurveda massage and its 5,000-year-old ancient detoxifying methods. We give hands-on courses in various Kerala ayurvedic healing practices. Aithein truly understands the [...]

Benefits of Attending the Ayurveda School in India

Last Updated: 12-Aug-2019 Ayurveda School India Aithein comes from a Greek word meaning "to rekindle or burn", and at the Aithein Healing Ayurveda School in India, the students learn how to bring a renewed sense of spirit to their massage clients. There are several different courses available at the Ayurveda [...]