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Marma Points is an inner journey through 107 points, because we are detoxifying the body and mind by cleansing it internally. Each of these points hold a vital life force energy called PRANA. The Siddhas (saints in India) who discovered these marma points through meditation and intense Yogic Practices first worked [...]

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Marma Points – An Introduction

MARMA POINTS - INTRODUCTION Marma point is an ancient Indian art of healing and is more than 5000 years old. This is a branch of science which has reference in Vedas, Yoga scriptures, Indian astrology (jyotisa), Study of weapons (Astra Sastra), Siddha medicine, martial arts and Buddhist text. What is [...]

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Marma Points – Sharing my healing experience on a specific point ‘Guda Marma Point’

Marma points are one of the rare therapies. People are curious what these points can do. I was also curious when I came to know about this unique therapy. Some people have an idea what it is, some think it is acupressure and some say it is full body reflexology. [...]

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Ayurvedic massage and marma points

Marma therapy training requires a complete understanding of the concept of Marma. This is an ancient Sanskrit word representing hidden or secret. First mentioned in the Atharva-Veda, it focuses on the significant areas of the body’s surface. Marma training opens up the door to personal transformation as well as the [...]