7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Meditation

There are numerous benefits to meditation, which is why its popularity has soared in recent years. The meditation process is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Here are 7 tips that can help increase the benefits of your meditation. 1. Meditate Daily A key factor in meditation is [...]

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Exercise in Resting the Mind

First, assume a position in which your spine is straight, and your body is relaxed. Once your body is positioned comfortably, allow your mind to simply rest for 3 minutes or so. Just let your mind go, as though you've just finished a long and difficult task. Whatever happens, whether [...]

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Marma Therapy Success Story on Physical and Emotional Abuse

MARMA THERAPY SUCCESS on PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE Marma points are also called as HIDDEN or SECRET points. In this context, hidden or secret means that the points have the ability to hide emotional memories. Our body has specific places where it can store EMOTIONAL memories. Quite interestingly, our brain [...]

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Aithein Healing Massage Course

This is a healing massage which is based on intuition, which has long gliding strokes, where you learn to listen to your hands. You learn to listen what the body is saying. It is a deep communicative touch and intuition based, what you will learn during this massage course What [...]

How to Give Energizing Massages

  The technical knowledge required to do massage is relatively easy to grasp.  With some short term training courses anyone can learn the basic strokes and in turn, can teach people.  However, a complete understanding of the anatomy does take a little more in depth studying, and of course practice. An [...]

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Protecting ourselves while giving therapy

One of the most important things taught to those giving massage therapies is that our negative energy must not be passed on to the client or energy released from the client must not be sent back.  It sounds perhaps ridiculous to those who don’t understand the full depth of massage [...]

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How Emotions keep us down

How Emotions keep us down We really do not think how emotions keep us down or stop us from growing or cause diseases. We all feel these emotions like frustration, anger in our system and we ignore these emotions that it really doesn’t matter and we put it [...]

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