Chavutti Thirumal means ‘pressure by foot’. It is a unique therapy where the therapist holds on to the rope and balances himself or herself on one foot and massages or gives the therapy using the other foot.

The foot can give very deep pressure and feels like deep tissue massage, as the foot is shaped according to our body.

The main advantage of using foot over hands is that you can use your full body weight to give deep, strong powerful pressure to iron or press the muscle knots and putting the person in deep relaxation.

This massage was developed by Kalari martial arts masters also known as Kalaripattyu. Since the massage was given to the Kalari martial arts practitioner. In the modern world it is given to athletes, dancer or sports person. So it is also known as Indian sports massage.

Chavutti Thirumal is good for relieve tension stiffness in muscles and joints, brings flexibility and energy flow, corrects, bad posture and helps in deepening breathing.

It is an excellent therapy to bring emotional, mental and spiritual energies in balance.