How Emotions keep us down

We really do not think how emotions keep us down or stop us from growing or cause diseases. We all feel these emotions like frustration, anger in our system and we ignore these emotions that it really doesn’t matter and we put it aside or push the feeling down. Every time a feeling comes we push it down or suppress the feeling. Slowly, slowly these suppressed emotions get stored into our body or into our deep connective tissue. We don’t even know or realize that every cell in our body has a memory. Every cell in our body thinks and stores memories.

But according to the world or society we think or feel these feelings in the mind or brain. Not knowing the brain is a neurological (that deals with nervous system) organ and we don’t know or are aware how these emotions get stored in the body.

So when I say that these emotions get stored in the body that means any emotion, say for example Anger. Somebody said something to us and we got angry at that moment but we try not to show the anger or we push or suppress the anger and carry on with our lives. But again when we are arguing with the same person for example our spouse, brother, sister, mother and that memory of anger again comes up and in a different way and the anger is bigger this time. The seat of anger in our body is the liver, because of the suppressed anger the liver produces more acids and when the liver produces more acids, it creates problems for our digestive system. We don’t realize that and we call it acidity. Then this acidity causes headache and we blame it on the food. Many of us suffer from this. But it is not always the food but the emotion we deal with. With the above example of anger we can see how emotion caused disease and kept us down or from growing.