Energy suckers or leeches are kind of folks who survive on other people’s energy. They can be found everywhere and in every walk of life.

However, we cannot label these people as ‘bad’. The only problem for them and their surroundings is that they suffer from this defect that they need someone else’s energy to revive their own. They cannot replenish themselves. They cannot nurture themselves. Very often they have no clue that they are doing this, although sometimes it is done consciously. No matter if done consciously or unconsciously, the fact remains that they are draining everybody energy.

Especially as a massage therapist you will immediately feel when you have an energy sucker (or leech) before you on your table because it will affect you right away. Furthermore, when you are regularly giving massage sessions you’ll definitely come across your share of clients that drain your energy. Unfortunately the energy suckers among your clients may be among your best paying ones. They just love to receive therapy.

Now, when you ask me how you can spot an energy sucker or leech, there are telltale signs:

You will dread this next appointment and feel drained before you even start with the session.

You feel extremely tired after you’re done treating this particular person and will want to cancel the remaining appointments for the day

You will get a headache or feel nauseous

Inexplicable anger might well up while you are treating the person

You may find yourself not answering the calls of a particular client or make excuse why you don’t have time for an appointment.

Sometimes even though you feel all of this you still keep on working on this particular client as this person is paying more. But when you do, there might be long term repercussions. For example, you might fall ill.

Therefore, I would suggest that you save yourself the trouble and let go off the money. Listen to your heart and be honest with yourself. Maybe in your own way say no to the client, without hurting his or her feelings

Gagori Mitra, November 2016