First, assume a position in which your spine is straight, and your body is relaxed. Once your body is positioned comfortably, allow your mind to simply rest for 3 minutes or so. Just let your mind go, as though you’ve just finished a long and difficult task.

Whatever happens, whether thoughts or emotions occur, whether you notice some physical discomfort, whether you’re aware of sounds or smells around you, or your mind is a total blank, don’t worry. Anything that happens – or doesn’t happen – is simply part of the experience of allowing your mind to rest.

So now, just rest in the awareness of whatever is passing through your mind…

Just rest…

Just rest…

When the 3 minutes are up, ask yourself, How was that experience?

Don’t judge it; don’t try to explain it.

Just review what happened and how you felt.

You might have experienced a brief taste of peace or openness. That’s good.

Or you might have been aware of a million different thoughts, feelings and sensations.

That’s also good.


Because either way, as long as you’ve maintained at least a bare awareness of what you were thinking or feeling, you’ve had a direct glimpse of your own mind just performing its natural functions.

Courtesy: The Joy of Living (Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche)