Are you someone who already does some bodywork with clients, such as yoga or massage? Perhaps you would like to expand the methods you use to help others heal and lead a better quality of life. Or, you may be someone who has a deep interest in working with others in a meaningful way, but are not sure how to begin your journey to a new career doing just that. One way to do this is by taking Ayurvedic Courses in India.

You can expand or begin your learning by taking a four week session of Ayurvedic Courses at Aithein Healing in India. These courses cover a variety of methods that are used in this ancient type of healing. The goal of this type of work is to help the patient balance all aspects of their body, mind and spirit in order to heal and to be able to live life fully.

Ayurvedic Courses in India
Some of the subjects that are studied and practiced at the Aithein Healing school include working with various types of oils on specific parts of a patient’s body to assist with healing. The classes also include the use of herbs and other dried powders and poultices, along with several types of massage techniques. In addition to the classes, you will have an opportunity to get hands-on practice under the one-on-one guidance with the experienced teachers. These methods can be used to help heal issues that involve pain, such as in the back, headaches, digestive issues or simply to help detox the entire body.

These Ayurvedic Courses in India are done at the school, which is located in the very small, quiet community on Agonda Beach, a few miles outside of Goa, India. This area has a long white sand beach and enjoys warm weather all year, making for a serene environment for both study and practice of this ancient form of bodywork. Whether this coursework is studied to be used in your profession, or simply to enhance your understanding of these methods for your own use, this is the perfect location and people to enrich your life with this knowledge.