Almost everyone is afraid of rejection. Fear of rejection is very common. There is always this question in the back of our mind, “Will I be accepted?” I too often felt the same way. So you are not alone.

I want to share my story with you. When I was a little girl, I was very thin. Not that I’m fat now. I continued to be thin all throughout. But wherever I went everybody told me, “You are so thin. You need to have some muscle and put on some weight”. That included my family, relatives, friends, school teachers and sometimes even strangers.

I had heard this so many times that “you are so thin” that inside of me I kept feeling that being thin is being very bad and ugly. Internally I kept feeling that I’m being rejected by everybody for being thin.

This switched for me when I went to a massage school and my teacher told me these words which changed my perception of being thin forever, she said

“It’s wonderful that you are thin. Thin people have more energy and do things more quickly”.

I could not believe somebody said that to me.

Slowly over the years I started to believe that being thin is wonderful. I started to voice my self-acceptance, when somebody said “you are thin”. My reply came to them excited and chirpy “yes I’m thin” “It feels good to be thin”. An interesting thing happened here: The person who said this to me stopped pushing my buttons, because I had stopped reacting within. I loved myself for being thin instead of feeling bad and ugly. Since I did not reject myself for being thin, this made me accept myself, and more importantly feel less angry with myself and others.

Since something switched inside of me, it can switch inside of you as well. All you have to do is accept what makes you feel rejected instead of reacting to what others say about you.