Ayurveda is a traditional system of Hindu medicine that works by balancing the body’s systems. It typically includes herbal treatments, Yogic breathing, and diet. India’s Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers these teachings to students, and can help them learn to transform themselves and others, through a range of healing practices.

Local students and those traveling from abroad can enjoy serene, comfortable accommodation at the Ayurveda Academy at Aithein. Beautiful, secure rooms are located close to the beach. While at the school, they are offered a variety of classes, which include:

    • AYURVEDA HEALING: Students who want to learn this ancient, natural form of treatment can take a 4-week course that shows them how to view patients from a whole-person perspective. They will be introduced to cures that include oils, leaves, herbs, and other methods that have no side effects. Instructors explain how healers can help patients prevent illness, and build resistance to health problems.

Ayurveda Academy - Certificate Course

  • INTERNATIONAL COURSES: The Kerala Ayurveda Academy also teaches a range of International courses, such as massage and bodywork therapy. These can include Swedish and deep-tissue massage, lymph drainage, foot reflexology, and Indian head massage.
  • YOGA: Students and guests can book a stay at the Advaya Yoga Retreat, at Agonda Beach, Goa (India). There they will learn healing practices that help bring tranquility, peace, and a new lifestyle. They learn the source of conflict, and how to heal themselves, before beginning a journey to heal others. The course offers flexible options that include once-a-week, 3-day weekend, multi-day, and extended programs. Longer retreats can extend from twenty-one days to three months. Master Yoga instructors assist students to attain maximum health and wellness and reach their desired goals.
  • WORKSHOPS: Guests can attend workshops that allow them to interact and learn with like-minded people. They are taught to understand their potential, and can communicate in a safe environment. There are also short classes designed for those who want to sharpen their skills and knowledge, and benefit from open discussions.

Aithein Healing Academy offers students the chance to learn to heal themselves and others. Master teachers instruct them in whole-body balance, among other things. Pupils can focus on massage, Ayurveda healing, International courses, Yoga, workshops, and more.