Indian head massage commonly known as Shiroabhyanga.

Shiro meaning head

Abhyanga meaning massage

It is also known as Champi. It is derived from the word shampoo. It is one of the non-invasive therapies and yet it works on the main energy centers – the crown, the throat and third eye, which act on mental, physical and subtle levels.

Major Energy Centres Around the Head
Traditionally, in India this massage is done sitting. It is done sitting because all the major areas in the neck, shoulder and head can be worked deeply. It also brings better blood supply.

Physically it lubricates the sense organs, improves lymphatic circulation and improves sleep. But psychologically it calms the mind, relieves tension and emotionally it allows you to think from heart. It is also a wonderful treatment during pregnancy during nine months.

In ancient India, it was a family ritual to give head massage, where mother would give to her daughter and daughter to another family member.

Every family has their unique style of giving therapy and it is passed down from generations.