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Apply Ayurveda in your Life

1. Experience Ayurveda on Yourself2. Understand your Emotions better3. From Teacher to student

Learn and Experience the following Ayurveda Therapies

1. Ayurvedic Massage for the Head2. Ayurvedic Massage for the Face3. Ayurvedic Massage for full Body with Oil4. Kalari Massage5 & 6. Shirodhara Massage7, 8 & 9. Massage with warm bags & Herbal Oils10. Kansu Bowl Massage11, 12 & 13. Various local treatments14. Nasal Medication for cleansing the head (Nasya)

You will learn to apply Ayurveda in your life

A “hands-on experience” approach to teaching Ayurveda is unique to AITHEIN SCHOOL

1. You will experience

Ayurveda on Yourself

Ayurveda at Aithein is taught in a way where you first use it and apply it in your own life and when you actually have the real experience, you apply on others.

2. You will experience ways to

Understand your Emotions Better

According to Ayurveda, physical body and emotional body are inseparable. Fully feeling and integrating our emotions into a state of natural harmony greatly benefits physical health, and like-wise it harmonises the emotions. Therefore, in this course you will practically experience ways to deal with unresolved emotional issues for a better health.

3. You will experience the flow of knowledge

From Teacher to Student

Traditionally, Ayurveda has been taught as a transmission of experiential knowledge. Gagori has experienced on herself what she actually shares. This is the reason she imparts real knowledge rather than just theoretical book knowledge. She fosters an open communication and dialogues between teacher and students which in the past in India was called GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA(teacher-student tradition); the flow of knowledge from one generation to the next, which she is still continues to learn from her teacher Choyin Dorje.

You will


the following Ayurveda Therapies:

1.  Ayurvedic Massage for the Head

A very relaxing Head massage

Ayurvedic head massage is a soothing practice from India. Using gentle organic oils and rhythmic strokes, it helps relax the mind, ease tension, and promote hair health. This ancient technique aims to balance energies within the body, bringing harmony and calmness to both body and mind.

2. Ayurvedic Massage for the Face

A very relaxing Face massage

Face Massage

Ayurvedic Face Massage, rooted in Indian tradition, is a rejuvenating face massage practice. Delicate yet conscious touch techniques are applied to the face using herbal oils. This massage may enhance skin health, ease tension, and promote a natural glow on the face. It’s a gentle way to care for your face and embrace a moment of relaxation.

3. Ayurvedic Massage for full Body with Oil (Abhyanga)

A full body massage

A whole body massage experience. Very Relaxing.

4. Kalari Massage

Traditional Indian Sports Massage.

A specific massage practised primarily on sportspersons.

Kalari Massage

5 & 6. Shirodhara Massage

Dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead.

  1. Using Oil
  2. Using Medicated Milk

7, 8 & 9. Massage with warm bags & Herbal Oils

Learn 3 sub types of herbal oils massage.

  1. Using Herbal Powders (Podi Kizhi)
  2. Using Herbal Leaves (Ela Kizhi)
  3. Using Herbal Rice (Navara Kizhi)
  • Herbal Bags Massage
  • Ela Kizhi

10. Kansu Bowl Massage

4 Weeks Ayurveda India Goa

11, 12 & 13. Various local treatments

  1. For backache (Kadi Vasti)
  2. For neck pain (Greeva Vasti)
  3. For knee pain (Janu Vasti)
  • Kadi Vasti
  • Greeva Vasti
  • Janu Vasti

14. Nasal Medication for cleansing the head (Nasya)


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About the Author: Gagori Mitra

As the co-founder of Aithein, Gagori is a highly experienced and practiced Bodywork expert. For her, the connection of the body, its senses, mind and soul is a way of life. She imparts her knowledge and philosophy with a deep understanding and through her personal experience over the years.


  1. Vijay Kumar August 13, 2022 at 7:20 am

    Hey Aithein,
    I really enjoyed your Ayurvedic article. I believe that Ayurveda is the most powerful medicine method because it is the oldest method of medicine and has been used in India since ancient times. Ayurvedic products can also benefit our bodies.

  2. Gagori Mitra August 13, 2022 at 9:21 am

    Thanks a lot Vijay. Appreciate your beautiful words.

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