At Aithein Healing, we teach that mental and physical well being are one entity and should be kept in an equal balance. If your mind is healthy it will allow you to heal your body. Ayurveda is a discipline of auxiliary knowledge practiced in the Vedic tradition. There are 3 major texts used in the practice; Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and portions of the Bower manuscript. Using the Samhita, 114 hymns are used to treat illness and send vibrations through the practitioner’s body. The Bower manuscripts hold all the medicinal and herbal mixes that can be used to heal the body. This practice dates back to 5000 BC.

Ayurvedic healing in India teaches that movement, transformation, and structure are the key to healing the body and mind. When there is an imbalance between the sections the body is exposed to mental and physical ailments. By using the five senses, you can discover where the imbalance is and start to heal yourself by use of meditation, herbs, oils, and change lifestyle habits. By having a proper diet, digestion, and excrement, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meditation and Yoga are used to relax the mind and the body as well as promote health and fitness.

The most important part of Ayurveda is recognizing the imbalance within the individual and regaining balancing the three sections. Ayurvedic Training in India is practiced by over 80% of Indians and is spreading around the world. The use of plant based medicine to provide a natural cure for almost any ailment is sought out by many to minimize narcotic use and surgery. By using seeds, trees, plants, and other natural sources, natural remedies can be concocted and used to treat ailments and promote healthy vitamin levels and body functions. Oils are used to massage the head and bring awareness to a person’s sense of smell.

At Aithein Healing, we fuse the past with the present to make your experience a healing, fulfilling journey towards re-enlightenment. We wish to help you find your passion for living healthy and inviting wisdom into your life that will help you.