Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical practices. This form of medicine originated in India more than three-thousand years ago. Somehow, the practices spread around the globe and remain popular today. Ayurvedic medicine is popular because it is totally holistic. Treatments and therapies are tailored to each person’s prakriti (or ayurvedic constitution.)

Ayurvedic medicine follows the premise that the body is divided into three doshas-vata, pitta and kapha. People get sick when the doshas are out of balance. The imbalance produces toxins in the body which lead to disease. There are three steps to treating disease-cleansing, palliative measures and treating the causes. Panchakarma is a group of five treatments, used to fight illnesses. Panchakarma includes treatments like massage with therapeutic oils and herbal enemas. People travel from all over the world to learn Ayurveda at Aithein Healing. Aithein is a school in Goa, India, that teaches ayurveda, yoga and many other therapeutic techniques. Examples of what people are taught include:

  • Transcendental meditation techniques
  • The mind-body connection
  • Ayurvedic nutrition and the six tastes
  • Client observation and evaluation
  • Dietary and herbal treatment plans

Kerala Ayurveda refers to the region where Aithein Healing is located. Ayurvedic tourism is very popular and Kerala is where many of the schools are located. National Geographic named Kerala one of the world’s top fifty wellness destinations. Physicians in the west are studying many of the ayurvedic practices. For example, research shows that transcendental meditation ™ lowers stress and blood pressure, and improves overall health. A clinical trial studied African Americans with moderate hypertension.

Transcendental meditation lowered their blood pressure by the same amount as prescribed medication. Further, Blue Cross/Blue Shield studied subscribers who practice TM. The participants had lower admission rates and medical costs than other subscribers. People who are thinking of using ayurvedic medicine should consult their primary physician. Additionally, there are many scam artists who sell fake ayurvedic products online, and many of these are dangerous. Hopefully, this form of alternative medicine will be studied and any health benefits will be accepted by western physicians. Interested people may like to travel and learn about Kerala Ayurveda.