A culmination of ancient vajrayana, kriya and Taoist form of yoga practices, Advaya yoga is a more modern, yet simple form of yoga practice, which uses the body as an instrument to empower you to achieve all your goals in life.

Through our Advaya Yoga Retreat organized at Agonda Beach, Goa (India), we strive to bring a connection between the thought and aspiration of a certain life, to actually living that life of peace and tranquility. We help the participants realize the constant conflict a human body faces, because of consistently looking outward rather than inward. We help them process their journey by healing themselves, before they go about bringing changes around people who matter in their life.

It is important to know that keeping yourself before others is not a selfish or egocentric approach. This only means that in order to bring peace and positivity in the world, it is important to be peaceful and have the ability to accept as one is.

At Aithein, we provide different formats to allow flexibility for learning Advaya Yoga:

  1. Once in a week
  2. 3-day weekend workshop (suitable for beginners)
  3. Three, five or seven day seminars (suitable for beginners)
  4. Yoga Retreat, between 21 days to three months

During the retreat, we will provide the right guidance and experience from our master teachers to understand the concept of Advaya yoga, the effectiveness of it on the human body and mind, its healing powers and the personal transformation that the participants would undertake through this journey. The best part is that they would be staying close to nature and filling in the raw positive energy from their surroundings.
Participants will undertake a profound journey to reconnect with them, surround themselves with the endless ocean and peaceful environment and connect their body, mind and soul through yoga. In order to reconnect, the master teachers will introduce the following steps in order to gather maximum benefit from the retreat.

At Aithein, we provide all the facilities of a world-class retreat center for health and wellness, that will help you deepen your yoga training, explore the different asanas and nurture yourself to achieve your desired health and tranquility.

While selecting your yoga retreat with us and before your arrival, we will create an exclusive yoga schedule for the group. The yoga sessions, conducted in morning, afternoon or evenings will help provide effective training for a deeper yoga experience. We believe that the most important purpose of yoga is to bring a strong transformation in the individual and an ability to meet different challenges that our lives will bring when we head back to the city.