Course Date:

25th Feb. 2019 – 14th Mar. 2019


(8:00 am – 5:30 pm)


Aithein, Agonda Beach, Goa, India


Gagori Mitra

Course Details

The Aithein Healing Massage was developed in 2005 by Gagori through her experience, research and knowledge. The main concept of this massage method is that a human being is more than just the muscles, tissues and organs.

Lesson 1

Overview of Bodywork

1.1 – Goals of bodywork
1.2 – Principles of bodywork

Lesson 2

Anatomy of human body

2.1 – Colouring the Anatomy Book
2.2 – Anatomy of posterior leg
2.3 – Anatomy of hip
2.4 – Anatomy of back
2.5 – Anatomy of anterior leg
2.6 – Anatomy of arms and hands
2.7 – Anatomy of abdomen and chest
2.8 – Anatomy of neck and face

Lesson 3

Bodywork Concepts

3.1 – Lactic Acid
3.2 – Thixotropy Action
3.3 – Somatics
3.3.1 – Sensory Motor Amnesia
3.3.2 – The sum of Neuromuscular Stress – Red Light Reflex – Green Light Reflex
3.4 – Six Pathologies
3.4.1 – Stiff and limited movement
3.4.2 – Chronic pain
3.4.3 – Chronic fatigue
3.4.4 – Chronic shallow breathing
3.4.5 – A negative self image
3.4.6 – Chronic high blood pressure
3.5 – Body psychology
3.5.1 – Body Armour (psychological protective barrier)
3.6 – Body reading
3.6.1 – Reading the body
3.6.2 – Where emotions are stored within the body
3.6.3 – Learn to release the stuck emotions
3.7 – Working with individual patterns

Lesson 4

Features of Aithein Healing Massage

4.1 – What is Aithein healing massage
4.2 – Benefits of aithein healing massage
4.3 – Contraindications of aithein healing massage

Lesson 5

Massage Strokes

5.1 – Effleurage
5.2 – Fanning
5.3 – Tracing
5.4 – Petrissage
5.5 – Kneading
5.6 – Raking

Lesson 6

Massage Steps

6.1 – Massage steps for neck and head
6.2 – Massage steps for face
6.3 – Massage steps for arms
6.4 – Massage steps for abdomen and chest
6.5 – Massage steps for anterior leg
6.6 – Massage steps for posterior leg
6.7 – Massage steps for back

25th Feb. 2019 – 14th Mar. 2019

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Aithein Healing Massage Course adds

90 hours

to your CEP (Continuing Education Program).


Why study at Aithein?

The core feeling of the Aithein Healing Massage is bringing people together through the experience of compassion and touch. At Aithein, we not only teach the technique to perform an Aithein Healing Massage, but provide the right path and tools to restore balance and harmony in people’s lives.

We provide students with an art to bring positivity to people’s lives and a means to interweave the body, mind and spirit along with the science of relevant anatomy and physiology of the human body. Through the full time course, we provide an in-depth experience in bodywork.

Students learning the Aithein Healing Massage at our institute have often experienced a great transformation in their lives, whether in their career front, their ability to interact with the world or their healing effects on their clients.


[toggle title=”Daily Schedule”]

Your day at Aithein will be spent like this:

8 am – 9 am – Tai-Chi – Balancing form of martial arts

9 am – 10 am – Breakfast break

10 am – 12 noon – Basic study of Anatomy, Body Psychology, Somatics and Emotions

12 noon – 2.00 pm – Lunch break

2.00 pm – 5.30 pm – Aithein Healing Massage Class (Practicals)

[toggle title=”Examinations”]

The institute will conduct examinations towards the end of the Aithein Healing Massage Course

Theory : 60 minutes
Practice : 30 minutes[/toggle][toggle title=”How to BOOK YOUR SEAT”]


Complete the online application form (you will hear from us within 48 hours). If you do not receive a reply within the above mentioned period please email:


If you are accepted for the course, you will be required to pay a deposit via PayPal to confirm your booking (other payment options available). Your place on the course will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit amount.


Your balance is due on arrival at the Aithein Institute.



An early bird discount is offered if you book your seat atleast 1 month in advance.


All our packages include course fee, course manual, oils, herbs, massage sheets and any other ingredients required for the course.


We will provide your requested accommodation on first come first serve basis. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


For students who are staying in the school accommodation: you can use the Kitchen without any extra charge. You can cook your own food and buy your own ingredients. There are stores nearby to buy all the things you need. This facility is STRICTLY only for students who are staying with us.


Travel, Airport transfers, insurance, any other liability etc. are not included.


Welcome meetings are generally held between 4 – 5 pm on the day before the course start date. Please read the enrolment instructions carefully. These will be sent to you after your place has been booked on your chosen course.


One day before your chosen course start date.


Before 11.00 am on the day after your chosen course end date.


The initial deposit is strictly non refundable and non transferable in any case.


All the courses are in English.


You need not get anybody with you as model. Your trainer or students in your batch becomes your model, and students practice on each other.


The course fee is non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-transferable.


The courses require a certain amount of physical contact between students which may be of a sensitive and personal level and you are expected to adhere to the guidelines set out below:-

Zero tolerance of sexual harassment, innuendo, language and any form of discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.
Zero tolerance of racist attitudes and language.

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Aithein Healing Massage Course always gets full. Enroll NOW to confirm your seat.
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