Course Date:

25th Nov. 2019 – 29th Nov. 2019


(10:00 am – 4:00 pm)


Aithein, Agonda Beach, Goa, India


Gagori Mitra

About the Course

The Chavutti Thirumal massage is a traditional form of massage, practiced during the ancient times in Kerala. It was originated primarily for soldiers involved in combat, dancers and people who were involved in a lot of strenuous work. In the present times, it is recommended for people from all walks of life, especially for those who do not get much physical activity during the day.
Students undertaking the course would learn the art of massaging by applying pressure on the body with their feet. The feet provide an even and deeper pressure on the body, as compared to the hand. They will learn and practice balancing with a rope overhead, and provide massage on specific pressure points through long, deep and effective strokes on the body.

The student will gain immense knowledge on the use of their body weight in removing stiffness and soreness from the muscles and providing suppleness to the recipient’s body, focusing on their bones and muscle alignments.

Course Details

Aithein provides a comprehensive course for Chavutti Thirumal (Rope Massage Therapy), a 20 hours session completed in 5 days. Students looking to learn this form of massage should note that this course demands a lot of balancing and physical hard work due to the nature of the massage and they should be prepared for the same.

You will learn the following in the Chavutti Thirumal course:

Chavutti Thirumal:

  1. History of Chavutti Thirumal

  2. Importance of good posture.

  3. Correct breathing for the practitioner.

  4. Understanding of the body’s energy system.

  5. How the practitioner’s feet are to be used for the massage.

  6. Synergy of foot movement and body posture along with appropriate application of pressure.

  7. Massage steps of Chavutti Thirumal

  8. ‘Hands-on’ actual Practice of Chavutti Thirumal

  9. Contraindications of Chavutti Thirumal

25th Nov. 2019 – 29th Nov. 2019

Why study at Aithein ?

Chavutti Thirumal

Chavutti Thirumal Massage course at Aithein is supervised by our principal trainer, Gagori Mitra, who has received her training from a Kalari master of more than 65 years of experience. At our institute, we not only provide the right technique, but students can also gather a deep understanding of the internal and external challenges that a human body undergoes in various stages of their life.

At Aithein, students will be provided with all the necessary facilities required for practicing an effective Chavutti Thirumal massage and will receive more than adequate practical exposure, benefiting the posture and mental focus of their own as well as their future clients’ wellbeing.


Your day at Aithein will be spent like this:

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Therapy practical & Theory

The institute will conduct examinations towards the end of the Chavutti Thirumal Course

Practical exam: 30 minutes


Complete the online application form (you will hear from us within 48 hours). If you do not receive a reply within the above mentioned period please email:


If you are accepted for the course, you will be required to pay a deposit via PayPal to confirm your booking (other payment options available). Your place on the course will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit amount.


Your balance is due on arrival at the Aithein Institute.


An early bird discount is offered if you book your seat atleast 1 month in advance.


All our packages include course fee, course manual, oils, herbs, massage sheets and any other ingredients required for the course.


We will provide your requested accommodation on first come first serve basis. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


For students who are staying in the school accommodation: you can use the Kitchen without any extra charge. You can cook your own food and buy your own ingredients. There are stores nearby to buy all the things you need. This facility is STRICTLY only for students who are staying with us.


Travel, Airport transfers, insurance, any other liability etc. are not included.


Welcome meetings are generally held between 4 – 5 pm on the day before the course start date. Please read the enrolment instructions carefully. These will be sent to you after your place has been booked on your chosen course.


One day before your chosen course start date.


Before 11.00 am on the day after your chosen course end date.


The initial deposit is strictly non refundable and non transferable in any case.


All the courses are in English.


You need not get anybody with you as model. Your trainer or students in your batch becomes your model, and students practice on each other.


The course fee is non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-transferable.


The courses require a certain amount of physical contact between students which may be of a sensitive and personal level and you are expected to adhere to the guidelines set out below:-

Zero tolerance of sexual harassment, innuendo, language and any form of discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.
Zero tolerance of racist attitudes and language.


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Chavutti Thirumal Facts

Massage with Foot

“The contours of the feet are similar to the human body.”

So, its easy to massage.

And the chavutti practitioner is able to give an effective massage.