International Therapies

Massage and Bodywork therapy is a highly effective form of treatment to restore and realign bodily systems in human beings. In every part of the world, there has been an increasing awareness about the healing benefits of the touch. This has led to numerous therapies and bodywork programs emerging and popularizing the use of active and passive strokes methodology, stretching and pressure points concentrated on different parts of the body.

As one of the leading institutes of massage therapy courses in India, we understand the significance a human touch has on bringing a sense of harmony and profound transformation in people’s lives. Aside from being a highly lucrative profession, learning about these massage and bodywork therapies helps bring a holistic view and development of a therapist through the knowledge of both science and art of these courses.

At Aithein, we provide a comprehensive range of therapy courses and we look to include many more in the coming years. Our curriculum allows the students to understand the present and future trends of their course and the right knowledge and training they undertake. We provide our students with a peaceful and open environment to study, understand and dwell in their surroundings and, at the same time, provide them opportunity for their own personal transformation during the course. After all, only a healed individual can heal others.