Retreat Dates:

14th Jun – 29th Jun 2024 (in Pune)


6:30 am – 8:30 pm


Hidden Oasis, Pune


Choyin Dorje

8-Days Retreat : Become Aware of your Body and Mind

Experience a Deep Sense of Relaxation in this well curated Nadiprana Retreat

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Nadiprana : Deepen the Awareness of your Body, Breath, Speech and Mind

  • It is Liberating as we are not guided by Impulses and Emotions

  • You will find yourself guided by your Inborn Enlightenment

  • The purpose is to use the posture to grow your inborn Awareness


You will Feel Empowered and Free in your Body

This Retreat is offered in a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of your mind, body and soul.

1. Feel your Body and Mind

In Nadiprana, feeling your breath and body is more important than manipulating breath and body.

Nadiprana Yoga Energy Movement

2. Nadiprana leaves participants stronger, grounded and centered.

We believe that it is your right to be healthy and strong in your mind and body.

Students who have attended Nadiprana Retreat have found a new inspiration for Transforming their body and mind.

3. Release Your Suffering

Originating from the teachings of the Buddha, Nadiprana is first and foremost about releasing our clinging to the same old habits and patterns that make us suffer.

Nadiprana Yoga Goa India

4. Feel More Alive

When the body feels more alive, it becomes less of a conceptual prison but a matrix through which the freedom of spirit can be naturally expressed.

Nadiprana Yoga Retreat India

5. You will become Genuinely Happy

With Nadiprana, instead of remaining stuck in the rut and thus creating more suffering, we begin by cultivating what makes us, and those around us, genuinely happy.

Nadiprana Yoga Retreat

6. Nadiprana is poetry in motion.

Nadiprana Yoga Retreat Goa India

7. Get to Know Yourself Better

A retreat is your chance to get to know yourself better, to fully relax, to delve into your sensory experience, to open your heart and soul. Daily classes cannot achieve that for you to the same degree.

Nadiprana Yoga Retreat Goa

What is Nadiprana ?

Nadiprana is a powerful yet a very simple form of physical yoga, developed from ancient vajrayana, kriya and Taoist practices. Essentially, it is a natural way of life.

Benefits of Nadiprana

It makes us fully embodied and present

You become fully secure in your own self.


  • 4 daily energy movement sessions
  • Starts with a morning cleansing breath
  • Morning Nadi Stretch opens up energy channels
  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals and delicious homemade drinks
  • 15 nights of accommodation
  • Sharing your personal journey

Where is the Retreat taking place ?

@ Hidden Oasis, Pune, India

How many days in the Retreat?

15 days


Check-in Time: 13:00 pm

Check-out Time: 11:00 am

Why choose Nadiprana?

  • Nadiprana is spiritually deeply satisfying

  • Best exercise to support sitting meditation

  • Calms the mind and supports a sense of inner tranquility


Know Your Trainer

Choyin Dorje

Has over forty years of practice and teaching experience.

A Practitioner and an instructor for Tibetan yoga.

Has mostly remained a ‘hidden yogi’.


As a daily discipline, Nadiprana starts as a simple energy exercise regimen, with a focus on energizing and relaxing body and mind. From relaxation a deep awakening of the senses unfolds. Nadiprana can evoke vigor, joy and enthusiasm, and reconnect us with our primary experience, thus enhancing creativity.

Based on the relaxation it helps uncover, it then proceeds to guide us to awaken awareness and perception to their fullness. By vitalizing body, breath and mind, it generates the three types of intelligence that modern life requires: mental alertness and flexibility, as well as emotional and social intelligence.

It uses the ordinary to uncover the extraordinary. It teaches how by cherishing what is good about our own life we can outgrow and transcend existence’s more restricting or even meaner aspects.

Each movement is specifically designed to work on different areas of the body, while helping to gain or regain overall strength and flexibility. But, most importantly, these moves will increase energy levels, stamina and vitality.

Nadiprana is spiritually deeply satisfying, as many have experienced it as one of the best tools to support quiet sitting meditation and deep self-inquiry: the reason being that while Nadiprana significantly raises the energy level in the body it likewise calms the mind and supports a sense of inner openness and tranquility.

The selection of a particular focus simply depends on the specific needs and aims of any particular group or setting.

Very often, the development in Nadiprana takes the practitioner from energising experiences, through a deep sense of relaxation on to nourishing the senses, and from there to calm abiding and compassionate equanimity, based on insight into one’s nature.

However, without the first step of energising the body-mind system none of this will come to pass.

Immediate Benefits of Nadiprana Retreat:

  • Nadiprana retreat is an ideal way to relax and recharge.It also helps to physically tone up the body, externally and internally.
  • Nadiprana is held in a surrounding closer to nature, at a place where there is a lot of raw positive energy.
  • At Nadiprana, you will meet people, all enthusiastic about learning more about themselves, and about each other. Being in such groups itself has an energising effect.

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