Sound Healing Course with Singing Bowls in Goa, India -


Course Dates:

11th Mar. – 16th Mar. 2024

19th Apr. – 24th Apr. 2024

13th Nov. – 18th Nov. 2024

3rd Feb. – 8th Feb. 2025

4th Mar. – 9th Mar. 2025



9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Agonda Beach, Goa, India

“Sound Healing Course is a wonderful beginning for someone aspiring an entry into the beautiful world of Sound Healing.”

Nikhil Gupta

The main purpose of this Sound Healing Course is to:-

Enhance your self-awareness,

Learn to tune and vibrate your body-mind using Sound,

Explore many fascinating aspects of Sound and Consciousness.

Sound Healing Course in Goa, India (1)

Sound Healing Course – Graduation Day

The Sound Healing Course is a great beginning in the field of SOUND healing for Health Care Professionals or someone aspiring to serve the humanity as a SOUND healing professional.

You will learn:-

1. Importance of your own Healing in Sound Healing

2. Your intention is crucial in Sound Healing

3. The use of Singing Bowls for a profound sound healing session

Who is this Course for?

This course is for you if you are:

  • Interested to learn a powerful and an ancient healing modality
  • Interested in your own Deep Inner Healing Journey
  • Interested to help others in their healing
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Pranic Healers
  • Massage Therapists and
  • anyone having a genuine interest in Healing

You will be able to help & heal people who:-

  • Want relief from pain and discomfort,
  • Are suffering from depression,
  • Are unable to sleep properly,
  • Want relief from anxiety,
  • Have a sinus issue,
  • Want to Live a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Life.

“This course is more than a sound healing course”

“It’s your self-healing journey”

“It’s an exchange work. You give and receive.”

“This course speaks to your body and mind”


You will learn the following Sound Healing Therapies:-

1. Relaxing Vibrations Therapy

2. Mind Detoxification Therapy

3. Reflex Zones Therapy

4. Energy Body Restoration Therapy

5. Group Healing Session

6. Supporting people with Common Ailments

7. Self-Healing Sound Therapy

1. “Relaxing Vibrations” Therapy

Therapy duration: 30 minutes

An excellent, extremely powerful and very simple Therapy. Relaxing Vibrations Therapy can be easily practiced and applied in your day to day life. It is especially helpful for Deep Relaxation of the mind, melting away any stress related issues & and activating your inner self-healing mechanism.

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2. Mind Detoxification Therapy

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Mind Detox Therapy with SOUND is a life-transforming technique. This therapy is extremely effective and helpful to heal the hidden causes of physical, emotional and life problems.

3. Reflex Zones Therapy

Therapy duration: 30 minutes

Reflex Zones Therapy is a powerful healing modality. Reflexologists believe: when a person is stressed, anxious or going through negative emotions, it blocks their energy. As a result their channels get blocked. Using SOUND HEALING, we work towards getting this energy moving, thus clearing out the energy channels.

Different points on the hand and feet correspond to different organs in the body. When we apply pressure to these points, the organs begin to heal and so does the body. Using Sound, we send healing vibrations to the organs corresponding to the points on the hand and feet. This results in removing the blockages / toxic energies in a pleasant pain-free manner.

Sound Healing works on all 4 levels:

Mental, Physical

Spiritual and Emotional

4. Energy Body Restoration Therapy

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

The modern world brings with it its own negative effects. One such negative effect is absorbing other’s energies into our own energy body, unknowingly.

Through the Energy Body Restoration Therapy, firstly, you will learn to cleanse the unwanted energy and then, subsequently, once cleansed you will learn to strengthen the energy.

Sound Healing Course - Energy Body

5. Group Healing Session

Therapy duration: 60 – 90 minutes
Nothing is more satisfying than to heal & help a small group of people with the immense healing powers of SOUND.

Group Sound Healing has proven to be extremely effective to a small group of family members/friends and even professionally for larger groups of people.

Daily Schedule of Sound Healing Course

Your day at Aithein will be spent like this:
9.30 am to 10.30 amNadiprana Energy Movement and Meditation
10.30 am to 11 amShort Break
11 am to 1:30 pmSound Healing Practice sessions
1:30 pm to 3:30 pmLunch Break
3:30 pm to 5.30 pmSound Healing Practice sessions

This course will support you on your self-healing journey.



6. Supporting People with Common Ailments

Several kinds of common ailments can be easily treated:- 

  • Join Pain / Arthritis
  • Migraine & Head Ache
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Neck & Shoulder Tension
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain

7. Self Healing Sound Therapy

Therapy duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Self-healing sound therapy is an effective and a natural healing process for oneself. The health benefits (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are enormous and quite incredible.

It’s highly recommended for each and everyone to begin their journey towards self-healing using Singing Bowls.

Sound Healing Course - Self Healing


about the course

You will be able to confidently and successfully perform:

Private 1-on-1 Sound Healing sessions

Group Healing Sessions


Basically, you will be able to help people to quieten their mind, calm their nervous system and provide a space for their healing.

Yes, you will become a professional sound healer after the course.

You will be able to successfully conduct Sound Healing sessions to individuals and groups. Of course, you would need to keep practicing after the course to get more comfortable and confident to enrich your experience in Sound.

Yes, you will learn to use the Singing Bowls for healing. You will be able to perform different types of therapies professionally.

You will learn to use 4 Singing Bowls of different sizes with varying frequencies.

Yes, singing bowls will be provided during your sound healing course along-with other necessary material.

If you wish to buy the Singing Bowls after the course, you will need to contact your course facilitator OR school administration after your course is over.

Yes, you can buy the Singing Bowls from our school. Please contact your course facilitator OR school administration after your course is over.

Please bring a notebook, pen/pencil, a hand-towel and most importantly, an open mind for this course.

Sound Healing Course in Goa, India

Workshop participants will be proficient in the use of Singing Bowls and will be able to integrate the valuable skill of Sound Healing the very next day.

You will be able to skilfully use Singing Bowls for a professional Sound Healing Session.



Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound Healing course can help you to balance yourself within your body and mind.

You can heal and help your clients in their healing journey through Sound Healing.

Sound Healing course can help you develop genuine joy and happiness.

This Sound Healing course can give a first hand experience in relaxing your body and mind.