Ayurvedic Massage has long been a tool for healing. In Kerala and other places in India, various practitioners use it to encourage health, vigor and longevity. By taking an Ayurveda Massage Course in Kerala you can learn how to promote healing: healing of the self and healing of others. Through Ayurvedic massage, you come to understand the concept of balance. You will discover how massage can create a harmony of the different aspects of the body – the mind, physical body and soul

Oil – An Essential Tool

Massage, according to the ancient texts, requires specific herbal oils for the different body types. While sesame oil is considered the basic, all-round oil, it is important to understand what oils are more suited or beneficial for the basic body types. In Ayurveda, the four types of bodies described using three of the five doshas (elemental energy) are:

  • Vata – the dosha of air
  • Pitta -the dosha of fire
  • Kapha – the dosha of water

It is important to know what body category an individual falls into in order to apply the appropriate massage oil. Although, massage therapy also involves a thorough understanding of the techniques of body mapping as well as the ability to observe and read what the body is telling you. Only if you know, should you proceed to perform an abyanga (full body oil) Ayurvedic massage.

Basic Oils and Body Types

An Abyanga Ayurvedic massage practitioner is skilled in the language of the body and its prana. He or she knows the basic body types and understands that rarely does an individual fall strictly or totally under one mantle. They may be vata-kapha or pitta-vata or any of several combinations. It is possible to be a triple combination. For example, one could be a vata-pitta-kapha.

An Ayurveda massage course will help you to distinguish the dominant body type in order to select the appropriate technique and oil. You can learn that the following combinations of oils and body types are recommended.

  • Vata – choose light oils. These include sesame, nirgundi or almond
  • Pitta – cool oils are preferred for this body type. The most recommended are made from coconut, sunflowers or neem
  • Kapha – preference is to use mustard-based oil. Alternatively turn to corn oil

It is important to recognize the physical self and how it relates to your entire being. Taking an Ayurveda massage course at Aithein Healing will help you to learn to love your body and the skin it is in. In doing so, you will undergo a transformation in the concept of self and of the healing arts.