Last Updated: 17thAug. 2019

There are 9 openings in human body.

They are the doors to our inner body.

These 9 openings are:

1. Two Eyes
2. Two Ears
3. Two Nostrils
4. One Mouth
5. One Anus
6. One Vagina or penis

In Sanskrit these 9 openings are called ‘nava dwara’. ‘Nava’ meaning 9 and ‘Dwara’ meaning gate or door.

All these 9 openings breathe, also open and close as you breathe.

Here is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment or ritual to lubricate the human body internally:

You must apply 2 drops of plain ghee or oil to these 9 openings and drink ghee 5ml to 10ml atleast once a week.

Lubricate your Two Eyes

Two drops of warm sesame oil is the best for the ears, it keeps ear clean and ear wax in balance. If sesame oil does not work for you, then in summer you can put coconut oil and in winter mustard oil.

Two Nostrils

It does not matter you put ghee or oil. Both works best for the nose. It prevents the nose from drying out and keeps the nasal passage clean.

One Mouth

Drink ghee or oil 5 to 10ml empty stomach in the morning and it make the first nourishing juice and lubricates all the tissues.

You can read more on drinking ghee on my blog: Drinking Ghee on Empty Stomach

One Vagina or Penis

Genital is a sensitive part of the body, try out what works for you. But you can apply only plain ghee or oil when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed.

Lubricating these 9 openings makes all sensory organs more efficient. Our sensory organs acquire knowledge through these nine openings, and enhances overall health.

Once you make this Ayurvedic ritual a part of your life, it will remove Vata (locked air) and Ama (toxins) from your body.

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