Marma point is an ancient Indian art of healing and is more than
5000 years old.

This is a branch of science which has reference in Vedas, Yoga scriptures, Indian astrology (jyotisa), Study of weapons (Astra Sastra), Siddha medicine, martial arts and Buddhist text.

What is a Marma Point?

Marma means “vital points that hold life force energy”. Marma’s are also known as vulnerable spots.

Marma simply defined, as the junctures in the body where two or more tissues meet, i.e., muscles, vessels, bones, ligaments and joints. According to the scriptures, there are 107 marma points in the body (108th is the mind) which are vulnerable to pain and can cause long-term effects to the body.

Marma points is a full or a part body treatment, differing from most other types of therapies in a way that the practitioner uses fingers, knuckles and thumb to press the specific point.

Who can benefit from Marma Points?

  • Practitioner of martial arts, sports people, surfers, dancers and performers who need to keep their bodies supple and in good condition
  • People who have demanding schedules, and little time to exercise, needing to maintain energy levels and stay focused
  • People who are bound by time, extremely stressed and suppressing emotions.
  • Generally people who need to relax.

What are the Benefits of Marma Points?

Marma can help

  • 1. In detoxifying the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • 2. Relieve deep-seated tension that people have learned to live with
  • 3. Deepen the breathing pattern, relieve asthma and anxiety
  • 4. Clear troublesome emotions and psychological blocks
  • 5. Improve circulation and energy flow
  • 6. Alleviate muscular pain, stiffness in joints and any restricted movement that may arise from too much or too little exercise
  • 7. Back tension and muscle spasm
  • 8. Connect the mind and physical aspects of the body.
  • 9. Encourage self healing
  • 10. Improve body and self image and encourage a sense of acceptance of your body

The above list is a collection of basic benefits and when studied each and every Marma point has very specific benefits and the list is long.

Contra-Indications of Marma Points Massage

  • Diagnosis of current heart disease, cancer, varicose veins and ruptured discs
  • Anyone suffering from fever or a high temperature
  • Recent broken or fractured bones
  • Contagious skin disease such as scabies, herpes, shingles, skin rashes.
  • Pregnancy (very specific points cannot be pressed)
  • A full stomach

Where there is a history of diseases of the heart, high blood pressure, cancer, varicose veins or ruptured discs, a doctor needs to be consulted before booking your treatment.

Who can practice marma points?

  1. Massage practitioners, doctors, herbologist, healers
  2. Anyone who is willing to transfer healing energy and support oneself and the other in their healing process
  3. Mid-wives who support during child birth and new born
  4. Yoga teacher and practitioners.

What to expect from a Marma Points treatment

Expect some of the marma points to be very painful, wherever there is an imbalance or toxins stored.

The treatment begins after an initial consultation.

Either Marma is given as a treatment for a particular ailment, disease or imbalance or as a full or part body massage.

It is given as massage treatment when the client wants to detoxify the body or for general rejuvenation.

You will definitely feel the difference after your first treatment, although marma point therapy was traditionally practiced daily for 7 to 14 days, however 3 to 5 consecutive treatments can provide the intensity to transform the body on both an emotional and physical level.