Marma points are one of the rare therapies. People are curious what these points can do. I was also curious when I came to know about this unique therapy. Some people have an idea what it is, some think it is acupressure and some say it is full body reflexology. Well that can be said about these points, but the teachings, research and approach towards the Marma points is totally different.

It is one of the powerful therapies which were passed down from generations, by the masters who received it through meditation, yogic practices and fasting.

Earlier it was kept as secret because the masters who had this knowledge did not want people to misuse its powers.

Marma’s are not just points: they are very powerful points; they hold life force energy also called as Prana.

Understanding of  Guda Marma:

Guda in Sanskrit means anus.

It is located at the tip of the tailbone or coccyx.

Marma’s are points where two or more tissues meet.

So tailbone is where muscles, tendons and ligaments of the pelvic floor meet and it supports and stabilizes a person while in a sitting position.

When you press this Marma it stimulates the entire nervous system, gives better functioning of spinal fluid. Since it is located near the anus it helps in healthy functioning of rectum, elimination of solid and liquid wastes from the body.

My Story:
I went to study marma points with my teacher Kumar Swami in 2002. He was a Siddha Vaidya (Siddha is a study of Siddha medicine and Vaidya means Physician), physician of Siddha medicine.

I was suffering from an injury on my tailbone. I had hit my tailbone against an iron rod while sitting on the pillion seat of a two wheeler, where they attach the spare tyre in India. It was extremely painful and I could not sit properly and my defecation was out of balance. Slowly, general energy of my body was also off balance. Painkillers had not helped and doctors had no cure. My injury was about 6-8 months old and felt like years of suffering. During the Siddha Marma Points Course I shared this with my teacher and he asked me to lie down on my belly, he placed one hand on my back, so that I stayed lying down and he pressed my Guda marma. He pressed it for about a minute, it was excruciating pain at that point and I yelled. But soon after he had released the pressure from the point, the pain was gone forever. I could immediately sit upright and next day my defecation problem was gone. I felt so energized and free.

I realized how powerful this therapy is. It definitely takes years of practice to get to this point to heal and help.

Like any other alternative therapy the body takes time to heal itself and marma points cannot be used as a quick fix therapy. Marma point can heal many ailments, imbalance or disease and it is not a superficial therapy, rather a very deep intuitive work.