Marma Therapy Success Story on Physical and Emotional Abuse

Marma Therapy Success Story on Physical and Emotional Abuse

Marma points are also called as HIDDEN or SECRET points.
In this context, hidden or secret means that the points have the ability to hide emotional memories.

Our body has specific places where it can store EMOTIONAL memories. Quite interestingly, our brain does not store memories. The brain is only an organ. As an organ, the brain sends energy waves to the body and the body reacts to whatever emotional reactions passes through it. When these emotional reactions are not processed fully, it gets stuck in certain specific places in the body.

For example: Take the marma points in the center of the chest:-

These points are directly connected to the heart. HEART is the seat of COMPASSION and LOVE. Heart is also vulnerable to getting hurt and holding onto sadness. When we do not feel through sadness and hurt fully, then the marma points connected to heart becomes sensitive and painful. When these points are touched, many people start to cry as all the memories stored here start to flow and release itself.

I would like to share my experience:–

This dates back to 2003. I had a client who visited me. She complained about the pain in her armpit. When she lifted her arm, there was a swelling like a bulb. When she stood straight, it was difficult to know whether there was a swelling in her armpit.

She had shown her problem to many doctors. After all the tests were done, the reports were quite normal.

After some initial consultation with her, I started sessions of marma therapy on her.

Marma Therapy Success Story on Physical and Emotional Abuse

On observation, I realised there were two Marma points which I needed to treat:-
(as shown in the image above.)
a. Kaksha : One marma point was at the center of the armpit.
b. Apalapa : The other marma point was on the side of the breast.

I started to press these 2 marma points very gently at the beginning. After 3 days of treatment, something unexpected happened. She started to cry. And on the 4th day, she started to share all the memories that came up.

What came up was that she was physically, emotionally and mentally abused by her husband.

“By the 7th day of treatment her swelling went down by more than 50%.”

What I wanted to share through this experience is that our armpits are places of hiding abuse. When somebody is screaming at us or physically abusing us, automatically our upper arms stick to the side of the body to protect itself.

If the abuse continues for a long time, the body is not able to release this fear and instead, it creates blockages.
Just like my client created blockages under her armpit.

It’s important to mention here: Different bodies will create different imbalance around the armpit area. Because our individual body is unique according to Ayurveda and reacts differently to similar situations.

As you can see by now, Marma Points are a great tool to release emotional blockages of the Body and Mind.

This ancient WISDOM is still not Lost.

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About the Author: Gagori Mitra

As the co-founder of Aithein, Gagori is a highly experienced and practiced Bodywork expert. For her, the connection of the body, its senses, mind and soul is a way of life. She imparts her knowledge and philosophy with a deep understanding and through her personal experience over the years.


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