Our Mission


To provide high and consistent standards for training students, with our in-depth research in various courses and workshops provided by us and strive to create a positive difference in their lives.


Our vision is to bring a positive effect on people’s lives. Aithein strives to awaken the power that every individual has within, through the synergy of scientific bodywork programs and services. We hope to transform people’s lives and rekindle positive energy in the world.


We at Aithein, embody the following values in our everyday lives:

  1. To conduct every activity with complete passion
  2. To promote the benefits of touch in order to heal the people of the world
  3. To provide an open mind and heart in order to exchange knowledge
  4. To seek excellence in all our endeavours
  5. INSPIRE: To inspire people through our story and encourage them to inspire others
  6. To reconcile idealism and wisdom in a perfect synergy
  7. To provide each service using the path of honesty and integrity
  8. HEAL: To be a catalyst for people to heal their souls and bring peace and love to the world.