I stumbled upon this beautiful little village of Agonda in January 2012, and it was love at first sight. Even if I’d already had my massage therapy school in Pune since 2005, I followed my heart and decided to move to Agonda in November 2012. Within a month of coming here, the plan for my new school was coming to life. The moment I felt Agonda’s vibration, I knew it was the perfect place for what I had in mind.

horsecatMy work is about getting in touch with the self, healing, guided transformation, emotional purification, and learning new ways of expression and interaction. I believe that becoming a genuine person has everything to do with self-love and knowing and mindfully using the inner resources that lie dormant within you. Agonda helped me discover myself and, at the same time, bring out the best in me and others.

I thrive in Agonda, as I live up to my potential when I’m close to nature. Being here automatically brings peace and inner clarity. Nature has a way to connect you with the Source of all things; it lovingly welcomes you into meditation and silence.

I can’t experience boredom here; things unfold effortlessly and gracefully, as I feel deeply attuned to the environment.  I feel at home within.  When I look back at my life in Pune, I wonder what I did with my time there.

cockhenA typical day here in Agonda starts with meditation, reevaluating the teaching, then going to school and sharing the knowledge with my students. Mornings are brightened with Nadi Parna Yoga during the 4 weeks Ayurveda massage course and Tai Chi during the Aithein Healing Massage course. The lunch breaks in the afternoon are moments to share joy and mindfully nurture the mind and body. After lunch, at the school we practice massage therapy. Around 5.30 pm I go to the beach, sometimes gather with my friends or students or simply sit by myself absorbing the energy of the sun going down. My evenings are linked to noticing the rhythm of nature. Going to the beach has become a ritual, and if one day passes by without engaging in this private and natural ceremony, something inside me feels incomplete.

My world in Agonda consists of the ocean, the mountains, the cows and hens, the dogs and cats, the wild horses, my beloved school and the students who are so close to my heart. I am blessed each day to live this way, honoring my purpose and spreading joy and lightness!