I’m ok.

I’ve got tired of hearing this statement, since today morning I must have
heard this at least four times. Now I know you must be feeling I’m about
to drop a rant, but bear with me. See this two syllable word “OK” ought
to be dropped from our vocabularies because we’re not OK/okay.

Man with thumbs up | Need for healing | Heal Yourself with Athein Healing

The harsh truth is that most of the time when we say we’re fine or we’re
ok we’re lying to ourselves and those around us. And we lie because
there’s something that’s not right with our lives, something that prevents
us from being in harmony.

Now I’m sure those of us who are proud of their “ok” status will argue
that their lives are just normal, professionally they’re doing well, their
marriages are just like any other normal marriage.

To these people, I ask do you have a sense of satisfaction. Do you wake
up with zest, knowing your life is going to be fulfilling?

You see if you are honest with yourself you will come to the conclusion
that we as a community have grown increasingly materialistic. We are
caught up in an endless cycle of consumerism.

Materialism, consumerism and shopping bag full of luxury items

Throughout our lives, we have been conditioned to accept that these
materialistic goods, be it a burger or toothpaste, will make us happy.
The result is we have strived to acquire wealth so we can afford these products
that promise us happiness.

But apart from being great advertisements, these are empty promises.
We chase after the lifestyle these products claim to offer us. We work and
exhaust ourselves, sacrifice our health, take on unnecessary stress, and
remain unsatisfied.

After all of this, why do we still feel our lives are empty? Why do we face
depression? What’s the use of bright white teeth if you can’t genuinely

Forget about smiling, this stress and depression deprive us of our sleep,
we are plagued by migraines, our physical bodies begin to deteriorate
with lifestyle diseases. Our postures get bent out of shape, joints stiffen
we age much before our time. And yet we say, “I’m ok.”

Loneliness and depression | A sad girl thinking and getting lost in her thoughts.

The problem is we’re not open to healing because we live in denial, we
cannot accept that we’re sick and we need help. Worse still we have
begun to accept our lies, and we believe that all these problems that we
face are natural. We accept them as normal, often you will hear phrases
like, “that’s life deal with it.”

Need for healing and living in denial  Athein Healing

The problem is we don’t deal with it. Some of us accept we have
problems, but are too afraid to make a positive change. They are afraid of
change, some are afraid of failure. We refuse to acknowledge our ability
to heal ourselves. We become cynical, and refuse to believe even when
we are shown the right part. This is because we live in fear.

So, how can we begin to heal ourselves?

The first step is always Acceptance. Before we can go any further we
must accept our flaws and shortcomings. We must learn to love
ourselves for who we are and not who we want to be. We must accept
these difficulties in our lives and the need for healing.

Rather than fighting against them, we must target the source of the
problem, instead of the symptom.

If you have a headache and take an over the counter pain killer that’s

treating the symptom, treating the cause would be taking off the

load of bricks we carry on our head.

That was just an example, more often the load brick we carry are
suppressed emotions. We are made to believe that showing our emotions
is a sign of weakness. Naturally we suppress them, but these suppressed
emotions can manifest themselves as all sorts of physical ailments.

Letting go, setting yourself free | Birds flying freely | Athein Healing

We must learn to let go, rid our minds and bodies of all the mental and
physical stress so that we can begin to heal ourselves. For before you can
inhale the life-giving oxygen, first you must exhale.

When we have learned to let go, we can begin to fill their void with
something more wholesome. True healing is when our entire lives
change, we begin to accept a new way of living. This includes a change in
diet and a lifestyle.

To be healthy we must live healthy, we have to respect our body and not
pollute it with toxins, and we must nourish it and strengthen it with
exercise. Our minds too need to seek a sense of balance through