Our Future

Our philosophy and courses are not just about preaching, but are deeply ingrained in ‘who we are’. As students learn and evolve into their most confident forms, we hope that they pass along their knowledge and positivity to people around them when they leave the institute.

Considered as one of the most lucrative professions in present times, massage therapy is quickly gaining popularity as a career. Owing to the rise in stress-causing factors, there is an acute shortage of professionals who can help individuals deal with various physical and psychological ailments, which are a side effect of the new-age lifestyle. As the number of people with stress and ailments rises, we will require more therapists and healers to counter this growing everyday need. We look to expand our horizons by including new age healing and bodywork courses in the future.

We look at our institute as a safe haven and we hope it provides the right sanctuary where students can come to begin their healing and learning processes. Aithein is a destination for a social and personal transformation in their lives.

In order to augment this process and allow this transformation to commence in the most natural manner, we already provide various thoughtfully structured and well-designed learning courses. As we move on, we look to bring in a complete range of courses and healing processes, with our aim to heal and transform the people of the world.