Healing Practice

Our body is a complex instrument, living in harmony. Every movement and action is possible because of various physical and mental components that partake in our daily lives. Every problem, physical or psychological, has a cause and effect relationship that reflects on our bodies. To understand the relationship, one has to dwell deeper within one’s own self.

Aithein provides courses that make the person dwell within oneself.

We believe that while an instructor can impart theoretical knowledge and provide hours of practice, there can be no healing unless one applies his or her heart to the subject. Every individual who comes to us, to begin his or her healing process, is different. They bring along their own set of challenges and limitations. Therefore, our sessions commence with an understanding and acknowledgement of their situation and the goals that need to be met during their stay with us.

Aithein provides comprehensive courses that cover both eastern and western practices for different bodywork and massage therapies. Through our co-founder, Gagori Mitra’s strong educational and healing expertise, we have been able to evolve and transform the lives of many of our students by helping them grow spiritually, mentally and psychologically.