One of the most important things taught to those giving massage therapies is that our negative energy must not be passed on to the client or energy released from the client must not be sent back.  It sounds perhaps ridiculous to those who don’t understand the full depth of massage therapy but the skin to skin touch contains energy and it is very possible for a therapist to pick up bad or negative energy from a client.  At first, this can be off-putting for a new therapist and the question “how do I protect myself?”  is soon raised.

There are a number of therapists who think it is wrong to pick up or attract the negative energy from a client but actually, there is no wrong in this at all. When negative energy is passed from the client to the therapist what matters most is how we as Therapists react to receiving it and how we lock that energy inside us.  A large part of massage therapy lies in extracting negative energy and not letting it flow back or even from the therapist into the client.

A clear example of reacting to negative energy is best described in the relief of pain.  If a client presents shoulder pain the therapist will treat the affected area and not breathe, in doing so the therapist will assume a bad posture and will try hard to realize the pain.  As a result, the pain will be locked into to the Therapist’s body.

Therapists need protection from negative energies and to do this the therapist needs to be detached from what is going on and happening to the client.  How can this be done?

Here are 5 ways:

Create a Bubble


Many therapists believe in creating a bubble around themselves and their clients and this is done in many ways that often require something to focus attention on and in some way control the energy.

Clear the energy


One method is to clear the energy by burning sage. This is an age-old way cleansing a room or property that can not only cleanse an area of bad or negative energy but something that can also control the flow of energy through a space.

Bath in salt

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have been used for relaxing and calming people for many years and bathing in these powerful, very earthly salts is known to remove or reduce negative energy in the body. Regular bathing in Epsom salts creates a calm and negative-energy-free body.



There are a number of crystals and protective stones that can help clear the air of negative energy.  Keeping a variety of crystals in the therapy room can clear the room of negative energy and even create added positive energy

Breathe and stand well


Posture and controlled breathing both aid in creating a positive and calming atmosphere.  After 2 or 3 therapy sessions you could well feel drained and tired and this does not mean you have taken negative energy from your client.  Naturally you will become tired and drained and when you are tired and drained your posture becomes poor and breathing becomes shallow. When at this point get a little rest because your posture and your breathing is the key.

Different beliefs and different ways of working mean some methods of protecting oneself as a massage therapists work and others don’t. Above all confidence and relaxation are the keys to your success and as long as these are kept in focus you will be fine.