Release Anger to Detoxify the Liver

Anger and Liver

Many physical symptoms signal that there are emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances.  Stuffed down emotions, such as anger, grief, hopelessness, sadness and fear, especially when repressed for a long time, take a toll on the body. For example, fear affects the stomach and anger heavily impacts the liver.

Even when we are told to keep our emotions in check, repressing or suppressing what we feel is not a smart approach to, for example, anger management. If we want to live in harmony with ourselves and others, we need to find a way to feel our emotions and let them flow through us, while expressing them appropriately, without offending or hurting others.

Psychosomatic studies have determined the link between our feelings and the body’s major organs. When we live in anger and resentment, the liver produces an excessive amount of bile. Because this is something the organ would not produce in its natural state, the surplus bile causes acidity in the stomach; thus, we start experiencing headaches and an overall state of depletion and toxicity.

Anger and Liver

The liver is the body’s second largest organ, and it regulates the digestive system, our metabolism and the body’s capacity to detox. The liver stores essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, produces vital protein elements of blood plasma and sustains the immune system.

As the liver begins to malfunction due to a prolonged state of anger, the entire body struggles to maintain its essential functions.

Gagori Mitra

To regain a natural state of health, we can do a liver cleanse and an emotional cleanse at the same time.

Minding our thoughts and our diets represents the key to a healthy liver. Here are some suggestions for releasing anger and resentment:

  • Physical exercise, such as cardio, running or kickboxing.
  • Shouting in a safe environment, such as a forest or closed room or closed car
  • Crying.
  • Punching a pillow or any other item that allows you to express without wounding or hurting you.

A healthy liver gives you the strength to carry on, cleanses the body and generates positive emotions.

Personally what has worked for me in terms of non-repressive anger management, is shouting in my car with windows all drawn up and lot of crying. Sometimes when I feel anger bubbling inside me, I allow myself to scream out loud with the same force or intensity it is there inside of me, and when I completely release my anger at that moment I feel myself calming down. If I have headache it also goes away. Same thing happens when I want to cry. When I get very angry tears come up and I allow tears to flow and it doesn’t matter where I’m but I do not stop myself. I just cry – and then I naturally regain my balance and composure.

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