Marma Points is an inner journey through 107 points, because we are detoxifying the body and mind by cleansing it internally.

Each of these points hold a vital life force energy called PRANA.

The Siddhas (saints in India) who discovered these marma points through meditation and intense Yogic Practices first worked on themselves by healing themselves.

Siddhas have immense knowledge in science and technology. They are also experts in fine arts, music, astrology and dance.


Typically Siddha’s were saints, doctors, alchemist and mystics all at once. They provided solutions to ordinary common people in their imbalance and sickness; and gave them advice for a healthy future.

Marma Points are not just any points but very powerful points that can heal many ailments, diseases, illnesses or any imbalance.

The Marma Points batch in FEB 2018 discovered through their first hand experience.