Ayurveda is thousands of years old. It is included in the Veda, the oldest existing literature in the world. India’s greatest rishis or seers studied and meditated on the creation of life, wanting a deep understanding of human health and physiology. The rishis observed, they organized and they compiled, thus creating these great spiritual and philosophical texts known as the Veda of knowledge.

Ayurveda in India is recorded within the Veda’s three most important texts. These Ayurvedic teachings are still being used today. For many years, the knowledge learned from this great source of healing wisdom was passed from teacher to student; now, these teachings are available to anyone who will open their mind and apply themselves.

Ayurveda-Kerala-Massage-Course-India-Goa-Pic-23For many years, Ayurveda remained known primarily in India. As time went on, Chinese scholars and physicians translated these Ayurvedic works into Chinese. Eventually, by 700 AD, scholars traveled from China to India to study medicine at Nalanda University. Ayurvedic teachings became part of Buddhist philosophy, Chinese medical practices and herbal medicine. The truths of Ayurveda principles have proven themselves over many centuries of practical experiences. Of course, various physicians and philosophers have added further insights from their own lives. The basic principles of Ayurveda are embodied in conceptual systems representing health and disease, balance and disorder. The entire person, their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional capacities, affects their health. Harmony is necessary between all facets of the being for healing. Imbalance in any of these qualities leads to ill health and disease.

Aithein Healing Ayurveda School in India was founded in 2005 by Gagori Mitra and her husband Nikhil Gupta. They had backgrounds in management and software, but wanted to make it possible for people to heal and to transform their lives. They believe that the foundation of all healing is to lead a balanced and wholesome life. After years of research and study, they made the decision to spread the word by teaching others at Aithein Healing. The training is rigorous, both theoretical and practical, but empowers individuals to become healers and transform their lives. Visit their website to learn about the retreats, courses and workshops in Ayurveda, Bodywork and Massage held in Goa, India.