Thai massage is a form of therapy created 3000 years ago, by the Indian Doctor Shivago. The doctor lived in India and followed the Buddhist tradition. He is believed to have been a great physician who, at some point, treated Buddha himself for his stomach disease.

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai Yoga massage or Thai medical massage or Thai Therapy, is called Nuad Boran in Thailand. Every name refers to the same method of healing. Thai massage uses energy channels and passive yoga postures to bring balance into the body. It is practiced on the floor on a thin mattress. The therapist wears comfortable clothing, and the client is dressed in loose and comfortable clothes as well. Wearing good-feeling clothes helps the patient to completely relax.

Thai Massage
Unfortunately, due to its popularity and always shared knowledge about it, Thai massage has become very mechanical and has lost its spiritual touch. If we can focus on the way Thai massage is done, rather than the technicalities, stretching, and relaxation, we discover that there is more to this practice than simply working with the physical body. With Thai massage we can balance anger and frustration, reduce stress, repair damaged tissue and sports injuries, and heal arthritis.

According to the Eastern healing system, it is always the compassionate intention of the healer that increases the body’s health. Thai massage is linked to Buddhist tradition and involves the practitioner’s increased awareness and focus. This system of healing doesn’t include modern medicine, and it has psychological benefits, such as:

• Bringing down worry
• Reducing fear
• Dissolving anxiety
• Decreasing restlessness

Thai Massage
Thai massage works with the practitioner’s intention to heal through touch. If the healer combines loving kindness with the proper understanding of the technique, he/she will be guided to give the right therapy, with the correct intensity, and the action will always be positive and helpful. If the therapist’s mind is wandering and there is no focus on the client, the spiritual aspect of the massage is lost, and it becomes a series of empty physical movements.

If the Thai massage therapist brings spiritual awareness to what he/she is doing, centers oneself in the moment and focuses on each action, these will transform the massage session into what it was intended to be in the first place: a holistic way to heal the body, mind, and spirit.