The name ‘Himalayas’, originated from Sanskrit, is rightly called, ‘abode of the snow’. The entire mountain ranges separate the Indian subcontinent in the north from the Tibetan Plateau. As the highest mountain chain in the world, the range is gifted with beautiful snowcapped hills, an abundance of flora and fauna and deep gorges with water streams and flowing rivers.

Here, surrounded by snow and nature, the Himalayas will bring you closer to the simple things in life, away from the hustle bustle of the city. The cool winds, serene surroundings and beautiful scenery is a definite way to bring harmony and inner peace in oneself.


A piece of heaven on earth, Dharamshala is surrounded by pine trees, forests and a number of streams, with a cool unpolluted weather promoting health, both physical and mental. Set against the famous Dhauladhar Mountains, the place reminds one of the colonial times with its architecture and British lifestyle and an abundant Tibetan community.

The area is filled with ancient temples, churches, monasteries and museums. Many tourists come here for sightseeing, trekking and adventure sports, every year. Others come here for a complete retreat and rest, for spiritual and personal purpose giving themselves the gift of rest and rejuvenation. We provide our courses at Bhagsu, 2 kilometers north of Dharamshala with a serene background of peace, happiness and delight.

Surrounded by clouds, rainfall and a cool weather throughout the year, Dharamshala is an ideal spot to find peace and solace, taking you away from the noise and pollution. Most tourists come here to throw themselves in the tranquil atmosphere and spiritual air that eases your mind and allows great respite.

How to reach

By Train

The closest main railway station is Patahnkot, in Punjab, approximately 86 kilometers (53.5 miles) away from Dharamsala.

By Plane

The nearest airport is Kangra Airport (Gaggal) in Himachal Pradesh, 23 kilometers (14 miles) from the hill station.

By Bus

The road towards Dharamsala is well maintained and can easily be covered by hiring a car or taking a bus from New Delhi, Simla, Manali, Chandigarh and many other cities.

The Weather

Dharmasala has a monsoon-influenced weather. Summer evenings are cool, but daytime temperature can easily reach 36°C (97°F). The town is one of the wettest places on earth. It eventually cools the hill station during winters, with temperatures going below freezing point.

Where to Stay

Dharamsala offers a good range of budget, midsized and premium hotels all over the city and around. One can choose to stay in cottages, tents, resorts and even villas.