Originating from the teachings of the Buddha, Nadiprana is first and foremost about releasing our clinging to the same old habits and patterns that make us suffer.

The practice of Nadiprana is designed to empower you to reach your goal. Its purpose is at the same time lofty and practical, difficult yet achievable. The aim is: to first enter and then live enlightenment through the body.

You are going to make the best possible use of the body that you presently have. You let awareness explore it to its limits and beyond. In its basic sitting and breathing meditation, your practice is based on what the Buddha taught.

Nadiprana is poetry in motion.

Living enlightenment through the body ends your involvement in confusion and suffering – because then you can actually feel the presence of enlightenment instead of may be entertain it as an idea, as a remote possibility. Living enlightenment through the body likewise affects your total environment, letting it in to participate, thereby ‘enlightening’ it. “And just how do I do that”, you may ask, “allow my environment be permeated by enlightenment? You do so through the increasingly unbroken awareness that you and your world are not two.

You will say, “This enlightenment that I never even considered, what good will it do me? What can I get from it? How do I benefit?”

Well, for you, like for me and everyone else, it all starts with the body, doesn’t it?

We all identify with the concepts that we have about, and that thereby make up our body. If our body is even slightly discomforted, we will suffer a bit; when the condition gets worse and we become seriously ill, our whole earthly existence is put on hold, even into question. So, if our body benefits we benefit; simple, right?

The body is the point of departure for all experiences good and bad and also, the focal point, from which the enlightened aspect or ultimate reality of these same experiences can be felt – replacing the illusions that we entertain about them. The body is the cauldron of transformation.

That’s why tradition speaks of the perfect human body as ‘precious’, or as ‘unique occasion and right juncture’ as one translator of ancient texts on Buddhist meditation has phrased it: a unique occasion and right juncture to live enlightenment, or a life free of suffering that includes all beings – even the universe. The whole universe, free from suffering, you ask? Yes, the whole universe! Isn’t the Buddha on record of saying, “The whole universe is contained in this 6-foot body.” Which he did not intend as a poetic image. He meant it for real, literally.

Therefore, the whole point of Nadiprana is getting you out of your head and into your body – from thinking about life to living life.

Therefore, the whole point of Nadiprana is getting you out of your head and into your body – from thinking about life to living life, from concepts about ‘spirituality’ and ‘enlightenment’ to tasting spirituality and enlightenment, increasingly living them, inseparably. This may sound big, but isn’t. According to the understanding of the scriptures, enlightenment is a big thing, and it is because it is rare. But it is rare because most fail to see its simplicity, not because it is extraordinary. As another meditation master of the recent past remarked, “Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment.” It is too simple and straightforward for the ego to get a grip on it.

To come to more specific, immediately palpable benefits after some time of sustained practice of Nadiprana: fact is, most people are not really comfortable in their bodies. They feel underlying tension, stress that has been deposited in different areas, knots that have formed, tiredness that has crept in. Nadiprana will help release these. It will refresh the body entirely. It is very, very relaxing.

Nadiprana will touch upon and completely liberate your emotional life.

As the body is storing all the emotions that, because of the inseparability of body and conscious and unconscious mind, are continuously running through its systems, Nadiprana will also touch upon and completely liberate your emotional life. It will free you one after one from all the misconceptions that make you suffer – provided you follow through with the practice that is.

Without practice nothing works. Naturally, living enlightenment through the body cannot happen without practicing it. As a matter of fact, all of life only happens through living it. The sad part about it is, that most of us, including the writer of these lines, resist life’s fullness.

Nadiprana is a way to setting you free to your inborn freedom.

So, you’re getting the idea. Nadiprana is a way to setting you free to your inborn freedom. In a way this freedom is always accessible, always present. Unfortunately, not because of enlightenment’s but because of ego’s complexity, to embody it usually takes many steps and many sessions, and most of all individual commitment to open up to experiencing what ‘body’ really IS.

The articles that will appear in this Blog are intended to help you get there and connect you with a circle of practitioners, in order to achieve this aim – of living enlightenment through the body in a very ordinary everyday manner.