What is Clutching Feet Syndrome? And how to recover from it?

The Clutching Feet Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder whose development in time is the result of untreated and unintegrated emotional and mental trauma. “Psychosomatic” refers to both body and mind, and concerns physical symptoms that are caused by emotional or psychological turbulence. “Psyche” means mind and “soma” means body.

Because our bodies are extensions of the mind, what we experience at a physical level is a reflection of what is going on inside ourselves. Clutching foot represents the involuntary tightening of the foot’s arch and the curling of the toes as a response to an unintegrated and prolonged mental or emotional disturbance. The person who struggles with the Clutching Feet Syndrome unconsciously needs to hold on to the Earth, as he or she is searching for stability and self-support.

Here are some of the reasons for the Clutching Feet Syndrome:

  • The affected individuals went through continuous traumatic events and weren’t able to leave the situation.
  • They wanted to run away but they couldn’t.
  • They couldn’t or didn’t receive the necessary support in dealing with the trauma.
  • They felt stuck in an extreme environment and couldn’t take any kind of action.
  • If the painful situation keeps repeating itself in someone’s life, the disorder becomes chronic.

One of my students had a clutched foot. She grew up feeling powerless and unsafe in the presence of an outraged father. She went through years of verbal abuse from her hysterical father and his violent behavior impacted her childhood. She wanted to run away so many times, but she couldn’t do that. With time, her foot became clutched, as the memories from her upbringing affected her physical body. After becoming an adult, the unsolved trauma chronically manifested in the Clutching Feet Syndrome.

In curing this ailment, both physical therapy – such as massage, and mental and emotional healing is needed. For the physical manifestation to completely redraw, the initial trauma must be surfaced, accepted and integrated. Though time investment and gentleness, the Clutching Feet Syndrome can be reduced and remedied.

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About the Author: Gagori Mitra

As the co-founder of Aithein, Gagori is a highly experienced and practiced Bodywork expert. For her, the connection of the body, its senses, mind and soul is a way of life. She imparts her knowledge and philosophy with a deep understanding and through her personal experience over the years.

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