What is Sound Bowl Healing – Definition, Uses & Benefits

Sound Bowl Healing – Definition, Uses & its Benefits

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We will talk about healing power of Sound with the Sound Bowl Healing.


Introducing the power of Sound Healing


What is Sound Bowl Healing?


3.1 Relaxes the Body and Mind3.2 Puts you in a Meditative State3.3 Keeps Blood Pressure in Check3.4 Greater Awareness of the Body3.5 Deepen Your Spiritual Connection3.6 Promotes Pain Relief and Boosts the Immune System


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Introducing the power of Sound Healing

The sound of wind chimes on a breezy day is enough to put a soothing smile on anyone’s face. But did you know about sound as therapy? Take the healing power of music to the next level with Sound Bowl Healing.

Sound Bowl Healing is a unique and ancient form of therapy. Practiced by the sages of ancient Tibet, the technique is still popular to this day. Today, it’s one of the most sought-after alternative therapies in India and the West.

It heals the body and mind through the vibrations created from the sounds of singing bowls and other instruments.

When the bowls are struck with a soft mallet, they release different frequencies. This can change depending on the bowl’s size and diameter.

What is Sound bowl healing

What is Sound Bowl Healing?

Sound bowl healing is often practiced in the form of sound baths. A sound bath is a healing ritual using instruments from around the world.

The sound waves released by the bowls induce a feeling of deep relaxation and healing. Some healers also add drums and their own voices into the mix.

Some of these also use crystal sound bowls. The special healing energies in these crystals are released when the bowls are played. A few of the instruments used apart from sound bowls can include flutes, pan flutes, and gongs.

In a typical sound bowl healing session, you will be asked to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. The instructor will play the instruments while asking you to keep your eyes closed. Sound bowls are usually made from brass, metal alloys, or quartz crystal. They will strike the bowl first. Then, they’ll run their mallet around its rim to release the soothing sounds.

While doing this, they may also heighten your relaxed state through guided meditation or visualizations. Different healers often combine sound bowl healing with other alternative healing techniques. Along with crystal bowls, they may use massages and essential oils to enhance the experience.

What are the Benefits of Sound Bowl Healing?

Sound Bowl Healing has many benefits, ranging from mental health to physical health. Here are just a few that we would like to share:

1. Relaxes the body and mind

Sound bowl healing frees you from the stresses of everyday life. It allows a sensory escape from all the overstimulation we face in our day to day. It will help calm down your nervous system.

2. Puts you in a meditative state

Once you begin to feel relaxed, you can start observing your thoughts. When immersed in a sound bath, it is much easier to open yourself up to the idea of meditation.

3. Keep blood pressure in check

Sound bowl healing is great for people with a high-stress lifestyle. The calming effects of this therapy can actually help with heart health. Not only will it stabilize your heart rate, but also keep blood pressure in check.

4. Greater awareness of the body

Sound bowl healing facilitates greater awareness of your body. Because of this, it may help you identify points of tension and pain in your body you may have overlooked.

5. Deepen your spiritual connection

When practiced with other forms of meditation, sound bowl healing can help you raise your consciousness and enhance your spiritual connection.

6. Promotes pain relief and boosts the immune system

Studies have shown the immense physical changes Sound Bowl Healing can help with. Along with stimulating digestion, it can help with muscle regeneration and boost your immune system.

Sound Healing Course - Self Healing

Who is Sound Bowl Healing For?

Just about anyone can benefit from sound bowl healing. However, if you have any of the conditions given below, it would be extra helpful for you:

1. Those suffering from chronic pain

2. People with sleep disorders like insomnia

3. Those with a high-stress lifestyle or anxiety

Sound Bowl Healing has many benefits, ranging from mental health to physical health.

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Where Can You Try Sound Bowl Healing

Where Can You Try Sound Bowl Healing?

Here at the Aithein Healing School in Goa, we offer a Sound Healing Course that will train you to help yourself and others through the therapy of sound.

In this program, we will go over seven different types of sound healing therapies that you can apply to your everyday life. The program covers diverse types of therapies, so you get a bang for your buck.

First, we will engage in Relaxing Vibrations and Mind Detoxification Therapy to get you in a state of deep relaxation. These will also help you uncover the hidden points of tension in your body and mind.

We will then work on removing toxic energies from these points of tension in the Reflex Zones Therapy session. Here, we will use sound to send healing vibrations to special reflexology points on the hand and feet. This will give you a clean slate and remove the blockages that may be clouding your consciousness.

With the blockages removed, the Energy Body Restoration Therapy session will teach you to strengthen your energy. Next, a Group Healing session will bring bonding and up your comfort levels before the final part of the program.

We will end with the Self-Healing Sound Therapy session. Here, you’ll learn how to use singing bowls to bring out self-healing.

The course caters to adults of all ages and is held between October and March. No need to worry if you’ve just begun exploring the world of meditation and yoga. Our students come from varying experiences and interest levels. And when you’re done with the course, you can relax on the sunny beaches of Goa.

To find out more, check out the course page, or head here to make an inquiry.

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